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  1. I had not considered that. I usually just make sure to check ammonia, nitrite and nitrate levels when testing my aquarium water. I will start keeping an eye on my PH and see what it settles out at in my tank. Thank you!
  2. Thank you all for the responses, they are greatly appreciated. I had not considered the eggs not being able to hatch in the high PH, I will definitely keep that in mind moving forward. As well as making sure to ask questions regarding the conditions they are kept in at my LFS. Thank You!
  3. I’m new to fish keeping and currently have one aquarium with guppies. I am interested in breeding bristlenose and would like to set up my second tank to do so. It is a 20 tall and currently has 4 plants and a couple mystery snails in it while I finalize what to stock it with. Everything I have read/heard says that bristlenose should be kept no higher then 7.8ph, especially when trying to breed them. My water out of the tap has a PH of 8.5 and GH of 300. I’m concerned that any bristlenose I bring in will will either a) not survive or b) not thrive and breed. I’m looking for input on whether or not this could work with my water conditions or would the bristlenose fall apart and not thrive?
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