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  1. Thanx for the ideas so far! And to be clear, it's a Fahaka I'm considering for this tank. Mbu way too big! I previously kept a Fahaka for 2 years before having to rehome. But have a good tank now!
  2. Currently running a well established 125 gallon planted tank. Finnex 24/7 lights, 40 gallon sump for filtration, few large pieces of driftwood and a bunch of plants, mostly Vals, Crypts, Anubias, a Melon Sword, and various forms of Java Fern, as well as some Java Moss. Currently houses a mixed group of Rainbowfish, school of 15 or so Corys, 12 Otos, as well as a few Amano Shrimp and mixed snails. Looking to possibly change up the stocking and looking for different, interesting stocking ideas! First thought is a Fahaka Puffer, and breeding snails and Crays in the sump. I'm a puffer fanatic! Yes, I'd rehome all other fish. Second thought is a massive group of Neocardinia Shrimp, along with a large school of Rummynose and a larger Centerpiece type fish. Other options? Thanx!
  3. Hey all! Brand new here, but I've listened to the podcasts for a long time! I'm from Canada, just East of Toronto, ON. Fish keeper of over 30 years, from planted tanks, to brackish and full saltwater setups. Currently running a 125 gallon planted tank (currently housing mixed Rainbows, Cory's, and Otos) and a small 10 gallon Glo Tetra tank (for the fiancée and kids).
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