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  1. While german blue rams share the name 'ram' with bolivian ram; they are a far more fragile species. They should be kept in very soft warm (82ish) water. They require the water be kept clean and are very sensitive to sudden temperature change so the new water needs to be warmed to tank temp before adding. They are not a great fish for beginners. Bolivian rams on the other hand can take a bit of abuse.
  2. I wanted to mention there are some less common crypts that are red. They aren't too common which is a pity (maybe one day aquarium coop will offer a few); but they can be found if you look. A couple include: crypt Jacobensii pink -> a lovely but very slow growing crypt Crypt Sprialis 'Red' -> another lovely plant and again slow growing very different than the jacobensii There are others but the above is a starting point. Another less rare bulb plant is: Barclaya longifolia though this one can be a bit tricky to get it to grow it has a lovely shade. A smaller sword plant (again not too common) is kleiner prinz sword (not to be confused with a totally different different plant kleiner bar sword). This can be quite common at time but again a bit of searching. It is a bit more reddish than purple-aflame which is very purple (and is much harder to grow).
  3. Be aware that dwarf lily can get quite large so do not plant too much near it if you go with that plant. They are nice but they come and go with long dormant periods and fairly large for a 15 gallon aquarium.
  4. I wanted to follow up this - i was watching the italia val in my black 29 (not picture) as it recently sprouted and noticed you didn't mention a time line for your plants. You should not be surprise if it takes 2 to 4 months for them to reach the top in a low tech aquarium.
  5. Discover a cave full of lemon blue eye pleco wrigglers. Kind of wish i could get my phone to focus on them but it wouldn't so no pictures. Also kind of wish the other fishes in the aquarium could keep their population under control. Maybe i feed them too much ? What type of angels did you sell? Er I mean silver? pearl scale? bolivian green? pink with purple poka dots ?
  6. I've not try sylvinia so can't comment on it; i strongly recommend you avoid duckweed at all cost or buy a gold fish to eat it. Between frogbit, red root floaters and water lettuce i prefer frogbit first red root floaters 2nd and water lettuce last but none of them do well if you have strong surface currents. red root floaters sounded neat when i got them and i don't have anything against them but the roots are very short and the plant a bit more sensitive. frogbit and water lettuce can have nice roots (see picture); but water lettuce is a bit ughly and can get too large. Frogibit is both attractive plant and not too large (imho). I also pretty happy with hornworth but it grows too fast and can be a bit messy. On the really good side of things it doesn't block light to lower plants and frys love it. Two picture one with hornworth circle in red and one with frogbit/water lettuce roots:
  7. If i were you i would pass on the chirios products for two reasons (I have several). First they are not very reliable relative to the fluval and the complaints on failure is much higher. Second they effectively have no warranty. Even if you buy them from an autorized dealer (there is only one in USA); if they malfunction plan on buying the part yourself and fixing or shipping to china (at your expense) and effectively not having it fixed. Other than that issue the wrgb2 and vivid2 are very nice products. I do wish fluval would make a similar light with their ip67 and strong effective warranty.
  8. Getting between the floaters doens't work well - what I mean is the strength of the light won't help here. I have a very strong light and floaters are a real problem with reducing light to the bottom. I would suggest establishing the carpet before adding floaters and be prepare to remove the floaters if it doesn't work out. I personally have had hit/miss with dwarf chain sword; but either way be prepare to either buy a lot or take a long time even with co2. I've found dwarf sag grows a bit faster but still very slow in a low tech tank. Of course this probably depends on substrate type (I use inert substrate with root tab which probably hurts) and if you have co2.
  9. This is not true; you can only control the light where your local wifi can connect to it but you cannot connect to it from a remote location's wifi. The app is quite nice relative to a few other lights i've used but you can do well with a less expensive light. A few have been mentioned in this thread but the ones I hear most often are hygger and beamworks as well as finnex. It really depends on what you want and features et all. I have the fluval 3.0 myself; and the build is excellent (just check some reviews from large box stores where people complain about other brands); and the warranty is solid at 3 years BUT it is also expensive for the amount of light it produces. You can get near equivalent performance (though reliability might be weaker) for 1/2 to 1/3 the price and you can get significantly stronger lights for nearly the same price so there is that factor you should consider. Also all of these lights have odd tints (though the oddity is usually in different ways - too yellow, too blue, ...). If you are growing green plants and not carpeting you can definitely save a lot of money if that is a concern.
  10. red root floater works well. It is smaller than frogbit and water lettuce; and in my experience a bit slower at growing. My 2nd choice would be frogbit. It is smaller than water lettuce and i much prefer the leaf structure to water lettuce; also depending on the structure of your aquarium the roots can be quite entertaining esp if they reach near the bottom. here is a picture of my 5 gallon with a combination of water lettuce and frogbit:
  11. Yea i know; almost moved there a few years ago but it didn't work out. I have a friend up there that i visit now and then. Not a fan of Bellevue but seattle proper is nice.
  12. When I lived in atlanta the braves won the world series; then i moved to boston and boston won the world series; but now that i've left boston i'm not sure they will win. Still they are real over-achievers this year so it would be nice if they won.
  13. Not sure; you could try turning the light down a little. This is mine (italia val); jungle val is more like an inch thick leaves - i have that in my 120; my substrate is inert (like yours); my water is gh 7 kh 3 ph 7-7.1. You could try some root tabs (i use two or three every 3 or 4 months - so no too frequent or too many):
  14. Not sure that is actually italia val (it is definitely not jungle val). Looks more like pygmy sword or dwarf sag.
  15. I lost 8 or 10 of 60 angel frys the first week; none after that. Of course angels are not rice and I have no clue about rice but i will note that frys are extremely sensitive to impure water. It only take a little decaying food to cause serious issues.
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