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  1. I second the sparkling/croaking gouramis if you're not a sound sleeper, lol
  2. @Biotope Biologist They are attached to the glass at the stalk end and sway if I make current around them with hand or tongs. Other than that they're stationary. I'm starting to accept I'll never know what they are, lol.
  3. @Biotope BiologistManaged to get a better picture...hope it helps!
  4. I googled zoothamnium and whatever I have looks exactly like the pictures that popped up. They were pics from posts like mine of hobbyist trying to identify them. Thanks for sharing.
  5. I tried again, but that really is the best I can do with my phone camera 😞 Most of it is gone today. I purposely fed my danio erythromicron lightly this morning, but I dont know if that is where they went. I will look into better equipment for future photos. Thanks for the reply!
  6. Facebook group suggested bryozoans. I think they're right! Thanks to everyone who looked 🙂
  7. I tried, sorry didn't know it fell off!
  8. These are all over my qt tank glass today. I do feed baby brine regularly. They seem to be hydra with jellyfish ends instead of the normal "arms." Has anyone else seen these?
  9. Has anyone used easy green in a daphnia culture?
  10. My aquarium coop test strips always show no chlorine in my tap water. I don't know if that means my water has very little chlorine added, or if it means my city uses chloramine and there is no free chlorine available to register on the strips. I've called the water company in the past and been told they use chloramine, but the latest ccr claims they use chlorine. I'm just searching for a way to tell for sure. Sorry if that came out confusing!
  11. I had scuds hitchhike into my nano fish/shrimp tank a year ago. They soon ate my mayaca plant and I think my christmas moss :( I read they outcompete shrimp for food (which seems legit because they ended up outnumbering my blue dreams by a lot!) and my nano fish were too small to eat the adults.They are a beast to get rid of; I had to tear down my tank twice including rinsing/quarantining all my plants and throwing out the sand and sponge filters, because they like to burrow in. Thankfully, I haven't seen any since the last tear down this spring.
  12. Thank you for the heads up. I've only cultured microworms and vinegar eels, but want something a little larger. I also have an unintentional scud population in my shrimp tank that I'll be trying to get rid of soon. If they were a little smaller and didnt eat plants they would be perfect! Little buggers ate all of my mayaca and moss 😞
  13. Thank you for your reply, and for the table. I'm starting to think the same about just getting them. Maybe I can find a way to strain out the smaller ones if the adults are too big.
  14. Tank looks great! I think a little clump of anubius nana petite glued where the driftwood stick and little rocks meet in the front would really pop 🙂 Sorry, I know that's not your question, I just reeeally love nana petite, lol.
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