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  1. Ok, I already started researching what I could put in there once I’m done 😂😬
  2. Ok, I have some old stuff from my first betta tanks without plants. Thanks!
  3. So I have learned the hard way that you need to quarantine fish before putting them into your community tank after a bunch of my tetras died (both new and old) in my 10 gallon. I’m going to set up a quarantine tank but I don’t have a big budget, I found a 10 dollar filter and 14 dollar heater on Amazon that I was going to use plus a plastic bucket that’s roughly 10 gallons. Can I leave the tank bare with only water? And if I do that, how long will it take to cycle just water in a bucket? Any other tips for quarantining? Thanks for anything you can add 🙂
  4. Ok, I think I’m just gonna go with the lights of for now and set up switches when I get back. I will leave my blinds open for just a bit of light (it’s not directly on the tank). Thanks so much for all the help!
  5. Ok, thanks. I will try to set up the timers.
  6. Those might work! I will try those out. Thank you!
  7. I don’t think I’ll be able to get them in time (I’ve only got 3 days) but also I’m kind of already overloading one outlet with 2 fish tanks and don’t have any spot to put them. I might try to set up something after my vacation.
  8. I’m going on an 8 day vacation in a couple days. I have someone coming to feed my fish and I’ll do a water change before I go but I’m worried about my plants. I don’t have an automatic light switch thing and it isn’t really the best option for multiple reasons. Both my tanks are heavily planted and don’t want my plants to die. Could I leave the blue light on? Would that be better so that plants still get some light but my poor fish aren’t stuck in bright lights? Has anyone else had this problem and maybe a possible solution? I might be able to figure something out with the automatic thing but it would be difficult.
  9. Oops, I got the nitrites and nitrates backwards 😂 sorry I couldn’t remember. Ok, I might try to use a plastic tub for quarantine. Thank you for the help!
  10. Ammonia and nitrates were 0 nitrites were 0-5 (hard to tell). Ok, there is one other fish store near me but some of their tanks are kind of gross. A lot of the fish don’t look to healthy either. The store I’ve been going to from reviews I’ve read has quite healthy stock normally. The first time I got fish they said the whole shipment was unhealthy but the ones I got recently looked pretty healthy at the store. My friend also bought from there and theirs have been perfectly fine.
  11. So 3 days ago I got some new fish for my 10 gallon. About 2 months ago I put the first set of fish in my first community tank which was 1 honey gourami and 9 ember tetras (they gave me more than I wanted). It turned out they gave me some ruby tetras too and the entire batch was unhealthy so a lot died and I was left with my gourami, 1 ember, and 2 rubies. So back to now... I went to the same fish store and got 4 ember tetras and 2 ottos to help with my algae problem. I asked on this forum if that would work and I was told it should be fine. I know ottos can be finicky so when one died I was disappointed but not heart broken. But over the last 2 days my 2 rubies from before died and one of the new embers died too. They’ve all been eating well but to my knowledge just suddenly died. I did not quarantine the fish which could have been my problem but I didn’t have another tank and truthfully didn’t even think of it till after I had the fish in the tank. Parameters were all good and did a water change right before putting fish in. What could have happened?
  12. I think that sounds good, it might be a little overstocked but not to bad.
  13. Ok, the only reason I was thinking not to treat it is because of how fast it went away. Is that common with ich?
  14. Oh yeah I forgot the main reason I came on here, any ideas for the causes of the white dots?
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