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  1. Thanks @Cory - I'll give that a go! Re: brine shrimp - are you thinking frozen for those as well, or live?
  2. Thanks for the reply @Cory! Currently they are eating exclusively Repashy Grub Pie with Kanaplex mixed in. Should I stop the Kanaplex treatment and switch over to food that sits on top of the sand instead?
  3. Hi Folks, I've been battling this issue ever since late August. I have 3 panda corydoras whose barbels just will not grow back. They first got worn down when I had them living in a moderately planted community tank with Eco-Complete a few months back. I suspect they first got worn down when I started transitioning from weekly water changes to bi-weekly / every 3 weeks (because it's planted, there was never any nitrate readings, so I put off the water changes a bit). After finding out that their barbels were worn down, I moved them to a dedicated 10 gallon quarantine tank with a bare bottom for about 2-3 weeks to get their barbels to heal up. They were showing slight signs of improvement with their barbels (some new growth), when all of a sudden, they started spawning! I thought, "Cool, I'll turn this into a second tank!" I slowly got the aquarium set up as a display tank with Caribsea's Moonlight Sand and whatnot, to help with the barbels healing. After a month or so on that sand, the barbels showed no sign of improvement - in fact, they got worn back down and their mouths started to get infected. This is with me doing weekly water changes. I ended up moving houses during this time, and had a person I hired through The Wet Spot's maintenance team help with the transition. During the move, the aquarium mover mentioned the sand that I was using (which was hailed all over the internet as "the best sand for cories") could actually be contributing to the barbels / mouths getting infected because it was TOO fine of a grain size and a potential source of anaerobic bacteria buildup (while she was draining out the tank and setting it back up, she mentioned the tank started smelling a little like rotten eggs). After settling into the new house, I moved the cories into a brand new 20 gallon long tank last Monday with brand new sand that was recommended to me by The Wet Spot staff (it's the sand they use in all of their corydora holding tanks & the manager said he personally uses it in his corydora setups in his own home without any issues). It's super round, no jagged / sharp edges, grain size probably .2-.5mm. I've been feeding Kanaplex to help with any potential source of bacterial infections, but it's looking like the barbels still aren't growing back and from time to time, there's a bit of redness that comes and goes. Again, I've been regularly vacuuming the sand to pick up all the loose debris every week. At this point, I'm not sure what to do...should I move them back into a quarantine tank without any sand on the bottom to remove any potential for wear / tear on their mouths from the substrate? Should I wait to see if they grow back? Like I mentioned before, they're currently eating Kanaplex-laced food, but I don't want to keep that going for a prolonged period of time. I should mention, there are a couple pieces of spiderwood in the tank, but nothing sharp / pokey for them. I also have it moderately planted with mostly crypts and anubias plants, some java moss and stem plants. Tank stats: pH: 7.2 Temperature: 74.5 Ammonia / Nitrites / Nitrates: 0 KH / GH: 3 & 3 degrees respectively Any thoughts / advice would be super appreciated, thanks in advance! - Tiffany
  4. Hi folks! Looking for advice on how to cool down your fish tanks when summer kicks in. It's getting H-O-T these days, and I want to keep all of my fish friends cool 🙂 Stocking list: 5 panda cories 7 cardinal tetras 7 lambchop rasboras 2 honey gourami 3-4 cherry shrimp 1 mystery snail The aquarium is hovering around 82 degrees atm with the lid open. It dropped back down to 78 last night. I've heard of folks using fans, do you have any that you could recommend? Looking at Amazon, all of the ones labeled for aquarium use are only good for rimless tanks, which mine is not. Any other ideas or products are welcome! Links to order the products are greatly appreciated. Thank you! Tiffany
  5. @KBOzzie59 @Hobbit thank you both! @Hobbit I love tracking your journey, so cool! This is the exact blueprint I need lol, the male and female ended up spawning a couple times more and having a guide or just previous experience from someone else to expect what to come next is super helpful. Thanks again! 🙏
  6. Hi folks! Q for you all - how do you get fish fry to start eating non-live foods? I have 26-day old Honey Gouramis that have been eating infusoria, then Sera Micron for their first two and a half weeks, but I’ve slowly started to integrate BBS for the last week or so. I’d like for them to start eating more powdered/pelleted food (like Hikari First Bites and Micro Pellets), but every time I’ve tried to feed them either of the two, the food just ends up sitting at the bottom without them touching it. I’ll leave it for a whole day to see if they’d munch on it but unfortunately, they aren’t interested. That being said, how do you get baby fish to become enticed by “regular” fish food (non-live food)? TIA!
  7. Hi Folks, I have been doing a round of ParaCleanse (on day 3 atm) on my tank when I noticed a bit of fin rot on a couple of my corydoras. Is it possible to use Maracyn in conjunction with ParaCleanse as a full dose? I won’t be adding any more packets of ParaCleanse after today. Can I add Maracyn starting tomorrow or even as early as tonight? TIA! pH 7.4 Nitrates 0 Hardness 71.6 Nitrite 0 Ammonia 0 KH/Buffer 89.5 Water Temperature 77
  8. Great call! I just tested for nitrites and nitrates from the tap and they're both showing up as 0. Looks like ammonia is the only outlier...ok cool, i will go ahead with the water change as planned then, and definitely making sure to add in Fritz Complete (I usually use Prime, but I hear Fritz is better?). Thank you both!
  9. Thanks folks! It's a 29 gallon moderately/heavily planted non-CO2 tank with moderate lighting. Plants are java fern, anubias nana, barteri, and coffetolia, ludwigia repens, red root floaters, pogostemon stellatus octopus, crypt wendtii bronze and green, crypt lutea, micro swords, dwarf aquarium lily, bucephalandra godzilla, and hydrocotyle tripartita 'Japan', baby tears, green ozelot sword, and amazon sword. The plants would draw out the ammonia and use it for themselves as well right?
  10. Hi there folks, Happy Sunday! I was about to do a water change on my 2.5 month old cycled tank, when I noticed there's .25-.50 PPM of Ammonia showing up via my API test kit from my tap water, yikes! I tested the water in the tank and it's showing up as 0 Ammonia / 0 Nitrite / 0 Nitrate. I just completed the 1-week preventative round of the quarantine trio today (I put the meds in the water last Sunday). Based on AC's instructions, I should perform a 25-30% water change after completing the week...but I don't know what to do now. Should I do a PWC, knowing there's .25-.5PPM ammonia coming straight out of the tap, or wait and test the tap water again after a couple days? It usually shows up as 0PPM ammonia from the tap, but I'm assuming due to the changing of seasons water parameters are shifting as well. Any advice / thoughts on this are appreciated, thank you! *EDIT* - Adding in water parameters: Ammonia: 0 in the tank Nitrites: 0 Nitrates: 0 pH: 7.4 KH / GH: 71.6 PPM Temp: 77.5
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