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  1. I have a breeding pair of mosaics just had their first batch of fry about a month and a half ago approx 25 survived. The female just had her second batch this week. Hard to tell how many there are in a very heavily planted tank. How many is too many in a 55 gal ?
  2. How much crushed coral would one add per gallon.
  3. Is it better to. Ycle a tank without activated carbon. I don't think I've ever done one without.
  4. Had a few bladder snails hitch hike on some plants a got and now their just getting out of hand. How do I get rid of them. I have mystery snails as well as a pack of albino corys, a pair of guppies and rubber lip plecos all in the same tank with them . Any suggestion are welcome. T I A
  5. I dont mi d snails at all. My eye sight is horrible and I couldn't make out the marking on the shell. I have 3 tanks and they all have some mysterys and nerites and I'm breeding ramshorns for my puffer. 🤫🤫
  6. Does anyone know what kind of snail I got here, its a random tag along from some plants.
  7. Should be fine with either 1, ive had a king with a lower temp closer to 70 and a bit softer water and did fine. They both get to about 5 inches and mine loved the Malaysian drift wood.
  8. Thanks, I went with some really nice pieces of zebra stone. I wanted something that would stand out as I plan to have water sprite and dwarf sag around the area of the stones
  9. What are the best rock or stone to put in a lightly planted tank with some plecos,platys, guppies and Cory's that will not affect the ph.
  10. These 2 are 2 of 8 that survive the last spawning and im wondering if they are 2 different strains or a defect in 1.
  11. I'm running water changes through an r/o system and can barely get the gh/kh back up to suitable levels. Gh =25ppm kh= 80 ppm barely, and the ph hangs around 7. Any tips on raising these levels suitable to maintain guppies and snails in same tank.
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