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  1. I use nano USBs with sponge filters. When possible, I use a gang valve or T-joint to have less pumps per sponge. Pumps go on thick folded towels, and/or behind a closed cabinet door. And it helps a lot to seal the top of the tank with a lid (glass lid on a glass tank, or the fitted lid on my acrylic tank). That muffles the tiny bubbles popping. By the way, even that type of set-up can't be in the same room where I sleep. If I ever did put something in my bedroom, it'd have to be on a timer, so the motor comes back on when my alarm goes off. (A little tricky since plants use the oxygen overnight.)
  2. I'm sorry if this turns out to be a massive bummer, but since you value keeping N class separate, I think I should let you know. Your K class fish are actually the result of letting N class breed with guppies, instead of keeping them separate. Of course, they're also a *gorgeous* blue, and there's a ton of merit to preserving species being lost in the wild. Just wanting to share some info. Oh, just a forum tip: If you hit the Quote button before replying, or include "@UserName" in your reply, then the person you're responding to will get a notification. Sorry about it taking me a couple days to see your reply.
  3. That's worth considering for sure. No clue about apistos, but I thought I'd point out that there are a lot of platy colors, so if you do decide to let platies run the tank, you could turn it into a tank-shaped box of crayons! 🙂
  4. I don't yet know about longevity, but I can at least speak up to say they're not silent. They're certainly quieter than other options, so I do prefer them. But if you're very sensitive to sound, you may notice that instead of a vibrating buzz like most pumps have, these have a very rapid ClickClickClickClick... It seems that most people don't even realize that. But I have major anxiety that's primarily triggered by sound, so I notice *too* many things about sounds. Most pumps: loud white noise Nano: quiet rapid clicking
  5. @Beardedbillygoat1975 This stood out to me as well. It's so sad, and I do wish he could simply be excited and roll with it. But I also can't help but wonder if having that awareness, at such a young age, might lean him toward being careful with his priorities, and proactive in finding ways to mitigate risk to other living beings, or finding ways to help them after harm has come. In simpler terms, it sounds like it's not just himself that he cares about. Not to get all philosophical on a forum about fish... but I really think there might be some depth there, though again, I feel sorry for the little guy.
  6. The image makes me think of Skara Brae. I don't have an eye for art, but maybe looking at pics of Skara Brae would prompt ideas for you. Or maybe that's not the vibe you're going for at all, in which case, nvm.
  7. I've seen many animal posts on FB that are just a photo, and something like "Mutt guppies. PM if interested." People who see it know money is likely to be involved in the PM, but since it's not mentioned in the original post, FB is okay with it.
  8. Uh oh! Adam's hooked on the hobby. 😂 Edit: Clarification.
  9. I'd vote for taking it apart and gluing the pieces to something so each rhizome gets water flow. See if you can tell where the next leaf might grow on each piece, and aim them so their new leaves won't run into each other. Maybe you could take a picture of it as it is, then use that picture to help you recreate something similar when you're gluing.
  10. I wonder what their offspring would look like. That might actually be fun.
  11. I netted the remaining platy fry back out of the endlers' tank. Of the 19, there were 14 remaining. Not too bad.
  12. I actually looked into that at one point! (I wanted both species, but landed on only endlers.) What I was finding was that they can't breed together. Their gestation is pretty different, so that makes sense to me.
  13. What a bummer! No, I wouldn't put anything from the QT tank into the main tank yet. Ich's life cycle involves a stage of development that's on surfaces, instead of on fish. There easily could be ich on the plants, so *maybe* even on the snail shell. I'm guessing treating ich in your main tank would be worse than the problem you want the snail to fix.
  14. My endler moms don't eat endler fry, so I assumed they also wouldn't eat newborn platy fry. But today I put 18 platy fry into the endler tank, netting them as they were being born. A few hours later, I could only find about 6. The tank has nothing in it but hornwort (which I removed to count), and an ACO sponge filter (which several of the fry were hiding deep inside of.) So, in the endler bellies? Platy fry are super similar to endler fry, so it just doesn't seem likely to me... yet I can't find the fry. I'm hoping it's just that they're hard to see, but I'd appreciate any experience you have with this.
  15. While netting fish, I find it helps to leave the net in the tank, sitting on the substrate toward the back. I wait till the fish don't care about it, then lock eyes on one, and slowly move the net toward it. I find it really helps to stay focused on the one specific fish and move slowly. It seems that when I targeted a group and moved the net fast, I was just giving them plenty of time and practice to learn how to avoid the net.
  16. Just in case you don't know, I'm pretty sure the 17g won't be big enough when they're grown. (Based off imagining my 1.5" endler females in their 20 gallon. I can't imagine more than 25 fish in my 20g, even with extra filtration.) I either have penny wort or something very similar. I've found the leaves to be annoyingly fragile, so I'd say to put it in the water in whatever way you think will keep it safest - like not being whacked by water flow, for example.
  17. I've seen this referred to as a "mosh pit," and done successfully. But it takes a bazillion water changes... which can't be done if you're suddenly in the hospital or something. So yeah, super risky. I might've just missed it above, but what's the game plan for spreading them out? A pond was it?
  18. When I first got into fishkeeping, a lfs told me to use RO water, which I could purchase from them. Looking back, all that accomplished was them gaining money. I think RO is really just a solution to a problem, and most people don't need it. If there's not a problem with your tap (based on the needs of the species you keep), then yeah, just go the easy route and stir some conditioner into the tap water! I'd say to test the following parameters of your tap (after adding water conditioner), and if nothing makes your eyes widen in horror, you're good: ammonia, nitrite, nitrate, pH, GH, and KH. (If there's a problem with anything, ask the forum for the easiest way to fix it. This group has a lot of clever tricks.)
  19. Also, if the inside of your tank is maxed out on space, pothos might be a good addition. All the greenery stays outside the water, so it doesn't take much tank space.
  20. Heya @Hobbit. @gwinkels, I'd guess multiple people can answer or give a good guess. I just chance to remember that Hobbit raised honey gourami fry.
  21. Just adding a tip. It looks like your pH is below 7. Snail shells tend to do better at 7+, so just keep an eye on the shell for any signs that it's starting to look different.
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