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  1. I currently have 2 nerite snails, 2 ottos and 2 Pygmy Cory’s for my clean up crew. My main display is a school of green neon tetras. I will reduce my lighting to 8 hours for a couple weeks and see if I notice any difference. I have tried algae fix in the past with little results.
  2. @Colu I have 10 hours of light per day. I don’t use any fertilizer just natural fish waste and nitrate levels are normal. I also gravel vac every 2 weeks.
  3. Hello everyone. I have some kind of algae infestation and I’m not sure what kind and how to fix. It is completely covering all of my plants but nothing else. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. Update! Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I decided to go with some red root floaters, triple red ludwigia, rotala rotundifolia, and pogostemon stellatus octopus. I think the plants look great and tank looks even better thank you!
  5. I am wanting to add some different plants into my 10 gallon. I have a lot of Val, a couple crypts and a couple nana. My Val grows like crazy and I have to trim and stop more from growing. I’d like to find more plants as fun as those. Maybe some floating. All ideas are welcome. Thanks!
  6. I’ve thought about doing chili rasboras and celestial pearl danios. I’m just not sure how many I should put in and what the best food for them would be. I’d rather not do a betta or cardinal/neon tetras, I’ve don’t those multiple times in the past.
  7. Hello all, just looking to get some stocking ideas. 10 gallon aquarium.
  8. I decided to finally try to do a planted aquarium. Now 24 hours after I set up my aquarium it’s awfully cloudy and looks like dust is just flowing throughout my aquarium. I have a 10 gallon with 8 plants all different kinds (can list them if important), regular aquarium gravel, seiryu rock, and driftwood. I’m using a sponge filter (also first time using one of these), and a heater at 78 degrees Fahrenheit. All plants have a root tab beside them, I used 1 squirt of easy green and water conditioner. I have never had an issue cloudy water after 24 hours in an aquarium. This being my first try at plants and a sponge filter I figured I’d come here just to make sure I’m not missing anything. Thanks
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