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  1. Unfortunately this place has a lot of bad reviews, it also seems to be a puppy mill.
  2. I do like their tanks but their sizes didn't match what I was hoping for, a lot of places with smaller depths tend to be cubes instead of bookshelf. My main tank is a vertical hex and I have a bunch of Corydora younglings I want to give more ground area. Sevenports has dimensions closer to what I'm looking for, I think they were out of stock when I ordered from Aqua Lab Aquaria.
  3. I had been looking at some for those betta tanks, the ones I was interested in had an extra few inches for filtration. I don't know anyone who does custom tanks, it would definitely be something I would consider.
  4. I found the perfect size aquarium to fit on a half-wall in my home office, HCA-6G (6.5 GAL) Rimless Low-Iron Aquarium 6.7" x 23.6" x 9.5". I've been trying to get this order from Aqua Lab Aquaria shipped for over 2 months now. I'm about to dispute the charge for a second time and file a report with the FTC. I understand that there was a shortage because the demand went crazy during lockdown, but I was told weeks ago one was set aside pending the charge back being cancelled. Which it was and I sent them the documents from my bank then never heard back. They offered me a gift card which is worthless because I'll never shop there again. I'm just blown away by how terrible their customer service has been. Does anyone have a recommendation where I can get a similar tank from a reputable seller? Cory & Co. spoiled me for customer service.
  5. I just received my shipment today from Aquarium Co-Op including 3 moss balls. I scooped them out of my tank and have them isolated in a mason jar. My wife posted photos of them and a friend sent us the article about the zebra mussels. I'm not sure if I should wait and see if anything comes out or if I should dispose of them.
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