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  1. Will do, I have been adding some plants recently so that could be the issue as well.
  2. Tank is dirted but under a pretty good sand cap. I also dose easy iron but again less than recommended as I'm kinda seeing how it goes in this tank. EDIT I dose Easy Green and Easy Iron
  3. I added a bag of Purigen last night so I'll see if that clears it up a bit I just figured it was the easy iron because it happened when I started dosing the tank with it. I'll see what happens in the next couple days and see if it clears or not.
  4. I haven't ever had a problem keeping water clear. About two or three weeks ago I started dosing easy iron (less than the bottle says I should because I only have a few red plants) and now my water is yellow/gold. Just wondering if it could be the easy iron and how to remove it if it is. Also it looks like it could be tannins but I'm positive it isn't based on this tank is over three months old and the standing came after using easy iron.
  5. Khinds

    Ich outbreak

    I agree full heartedly. The only problem is the Rapid Cure is not safe for loaches and there are some snails in there. It might also kill plants according to the LFS I got it from. That is what's keeping me from using it in the main tanks until the Ich x arrives.
  6. Khinds

    Ich outbreak

    I had ich in a community tank and raised the temp early enough and now no fish are showing any signs of it. That's the good news. The bad news is a smaller 20 gallon tank now has ich. I had 6 ember tetra, 1 male betta, 5 Khuli Loaches and a pleco. One ember died last night before I was leaving to work. I saw the body and examined it and nothing looked out of the normal. This morning when I got home the pleco was dead. He was an albino BN so I didn't see the white spots on him and I went to bed. This afternoon when I woke up all but two tetra were dead. I then saw the white spots. I didn't have any ich x so I ran to the store and the only thing they had in hand was Kordon Rapid Cure. The betta and the loaches are not showing signs of ich so I fished the tetra out and put them into a large stock pot with a heater and airstone. I dosed with fritz Complete, aquarium salt and the rapid cure. I ordered some ich x but it will not be here till Monday. My plan is to dose all my tanks with ich x when it arrives Monday. Is there anything else I should do in the meantime? I raised all my tanks temps to around 80 as well as I wait for the Ich x.
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