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  1. Im using Florish Advance for my tank and looking for a pump top for it has anyone bought any from amazon that fit on their bottles?
  2. Thanks, I was always concerned using it because how tall it got. I like the look of Val, but i dont like when I see it hanging over on top of the water. I didnt think you could trim it down without killing the plant itself.
  3. If you trim Jungle Val, does it continue to grow like Dwarf High Grass?
  4. Hello Everyone, Due limiting room, i cant set up multiple tanks, and want to do a Apistogramma breeding project. Can you raise the Fry in the same tank with the parents long enough to the period you can sell the fry?
  5. Thank you both. Keep eyes on aggression and I should be fine
  6. I bought a four peacock gudgeon and now reading they should be kept in groups of 6 to 8 Has anyone been successful in keeping them in groups less then 6?
  7. Thank you everyone, The issue is more the space vs the money If it was up to me, I would have a fishroom with all type of sizes tanks 😄 10 gallon is the max i can do in the space i have right now, and based off everyone is saying, it really not ideal for the fish long term. I might try a GBR breeding project in the tank instead!
  8. I know Cory has suggested that you can do Shell Dwellers in a 10-gallon tank Has anyone been successful at doing this?
  9. Thanks for the reply everyone! With the Fluval Flex + Vivid Mini, its actually blocks Chamber 2 where i cant use the intank chamber 2 insert i recently bought. Im looking for a less intensive light that I can actually go on top of the tank, and so it won't block the chamber insert. Excluding the sump extra, the tank size is 11'L X 16'w X 12'H to Substrate. Im think of going with a Hygger light, but dont know the size to get. Im guess this one 20 Watt (12 in to 18inch) should be good enough? Amazon.com : hygger Aquarium Programmable LED Light, for 12~18in Long Full Spectrum Plant Fish Tank Light with LCD Setting Display, 7 Colors, Sunrise Sunset Moon and DIY Mode, for Novices Advanced Players : Pet Supplies
  10. Good afternoon, everyone! Any Fluval Flex users here? I'm currently using a Vivid Mini over my fluval flex 15, and i want to back it down to something less high Any Recommendations for lights?
  11. Thanks for the reply Guys! 20 inch stingray shouldnt be too much light? I noticed on Cory's guide, he considered it high light I just dont want an algae farm either, looking to grow crypts in a shrimp only tank.
  12. Good Afternoon Everyone! What is the tank size Range for the FLuval 3.0 Nano? do you think its enough for a 10 gallon?
  13. Does anyone know if Blue-Green Algae Stain driftwood? I got rid of most of it in my tank, but the driftwood still look like it has it. I was able to clean it off with a toothbrush, but i just want to make sure its not still alive, and the wood is just stained.
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