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  1. I have a 60 gal planted tank with a handful of fish (Denison Barbs, Congo Tetra and Gold Pleco). Plants are Amazon Sword, Dwarf Sagitaria and three different Apontogetons. All plants are growing fairly vigorously. New leaves come in bright and green, but after a couple of weeks they start to accumulate some brown algae like stuff on the leaf surfaces. I have struggled to definitively identify what it is, hence it source and fixes. The inside tank glass also gets green spot algae, which I scrub off once a week. Water parameters appear to be good. Any tips and advice is welcome. C
  2. Thanks Cory, I will make adjustment to my bubble counter. C
  3. Hi all, I am trying to assess my water balance to determine if I need corrective action. It seems my Ph is on the low side and KH and GH are not quite in sync with each other. I live in Tucson, AZ where the tap water is VERY hard, so I use RO for water exchanges and top offs. Fish (4 Denison's, 1 Congo Tetra, 1 Gold bristle nose Pleco - 60 gal tank) seem to be doing fine, plants look like they could be a bit more vibrant. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Here are my water parameters from the Tank, Tap and RO: Tank: Ph = 6.4 KH = 4 dKH GH = 8 dGH Nitrite = 0 ppm Nitrate = 5 ppm Ammonia = 0-0.25 ppm CO2 = 35-40 ppm Tap: Ph = 8.0 KH = 6 dKH GH = 17-18 dGH RO: Ph = 7.0 KH = 0 dKH GH = 0 dGH C
  4. I am a fan of various Aponogeton species - these make great feature plants in the background. I have a tall 60gal tank and the Aponogetons will produce leaves that reach to the top of the tank (~18 inches). Ones I have currently: crispus, madagascariensis and boivinianus. Cheers. C
  5. Update - put a slice of cucumber in the afternoon - gone by morning!
  6. Colu, quite a bit flakes get to the bottom initially. But when I return to the tank 15-20 minutes later, the bottom is clean. The Pleco is pretty shy and doesn't come out much if at all during the morning feeding. So, I don't think it is the Pleco doing the clean up.
  7. The tank get's Spirulina flacks once a day in the morning and then a couple of algae tabs every other day.
  8. I recently ordered some plants form the Co-Op: Amazon Sword, Dwarf Sagittaria and Micro Sword. All arrived in great shape! However, since planting them the Micro Sword is nearly all gone and the Dwarf Sagittaria is clearly showing signs of being nibbled on. The Amazon Sword is thriving. I have a 60gal tank with 4 Denison Barbs, 1 Congo Tetra (looking for mates soon) and 1 golden bristle nose Plecostomus. Question: Who is eating my plants and what can I do? I would really like to get a nice matt of foreground plants going. But at this rate it isn't going to happen. Also, open to suggestions for alternate plants as well. Thanks! Chuck
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