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  1. I store my water for the purpose of heating and ease of water change for my tanks in the garage, not for aging. I am also not worried about a specific GH, rather the significant difference in GH from my tap/aged water to my aquarium water. Same as with the PH.
  2. I am trying to figure out why my PH, KH, and GH differs from my aquarium, tap water, and my aged water (45 gallon Brute trash can).Tap:PH - 8.2KH - 6GH - 3Aged water:PH - 7.5KH - 6GH - 3Aquarium:PH - 8.2KH - 6GH - 14My tap and aquarium PH are both 8.2, however the PH of my aged water is 7.5. The GH in my tap and aged water are both 3, but it is 14 in my aquarium. The KH is the same across all 3. I did all the tests using a API test kit and did them multiple times to insure they were accurate.I keep a Flowerhorn and noticed he gets really stressed out after water changes (30% weekly). My aged water is also heated to match the aquarium temp. He is kept in a bare bottom tank (no substrate )differs from my aquarium, tap water, and my aged water (
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