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  1. Check this one out. He has leucism. He’s still super tiny and the only one I’ve seen. I can’t believe I’m still getting babies. They started showing up on January 2 why are they so many different sizes and ages.?
  2. I’ve actually had them for 3 years. I put in that heavy ground cover and had babies in about 2 months.....much to my surprise.
  3. That’s great Robert. I will. I’m so loving watching them grow. They like to ride around the tank on the mystery snail. Super funny. I’ll be in soon as they get bigger and I figure out how to catch them. I think I’ll use my dirty filter nest time I clean it. They seemed to jump all over it last time it was exposed.
  4. My Hillstream Loaches had fry. I have a bunch of them. They have been in my tank for 2 1/2 years. I decided to plant ground cover and within a month bam. I saw tiny things swimming around. They are adorable. They are anywhere from 1/2 to 1 inch now. Their fish mates are three glow fin tetras, 4 gold ring danios, 3 Congo tetra, 2 hillstreem loaches, and mystery snails ( which the fry love riding around on). They don’t seem to be eating or attacking the fry. I’m surprised to see so many sizes
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