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  1. Did you ever notice the black streaks on the outside of white gutters? They are caused by rain.
  2. In nature rain water in rivers is filtered by the earth. The amount of rain water that enters rivers and oceans directly from the sky is insignificant as compared to the amount that enters from other sources. Al was leary due to collection methods not ph or mineral content. Henry C your first comment is outside of the forum's protocol.
  3. Al, who was the owner of Rocky Mountain Discus for many years once told me that rain water will kill your fish. His exact words were "it will turn them into floaters". I will never forget it. I believe Al has since retired. He was in bad health and is no longer selling fish. Rain water does pick things up on its way from the sky to any container.... For example, if it hits the roof then into a gutter then into a container it could certainly be contaminated. I mean, most gutters are pretty nasty inside and roof surfaces and shingles contain all kinds of nastys. Even if the rain fell out of the sky right into your tank it could still be suspect. If your want pure water you are much better off with an RO filter in my opinion.
  4. Fourth spawn got to wigglers then gone. Fifth spawn mom and dad fanned eggs to wigglers.. removed mom... dad still fanning wigglers now.
  5. I have treated a discus for worms with Metronidazole for 10 days. He won't eat and has white poop. There was a female with him that showed no signs of worms. We removed her. We left the sick fish in the 40 breeder alone for another week. Then tried PraziPro for 10 days same tank. The fish still wouldn't eat and is getting thinner. Moved him to a hospital tank. Soooo... now I've got a 40 breeder with no fish in it. Its a planted tank with undergravel filter and a penquin 330 hang on back. Crystal clear water. I will run a charcoal filter on it and give it significant water changes. But... I'm afraid to put any fish in it without a complete breakdown and cleaning. The Hex or parasites or whatever it was or is could still be in there... right? What do you guys think or suggest?
  6. Raised first spawn, amazing. Second spawn partially fungused and a few wigglers, they moved wigglers then gone next day. Third spawn of about a hundred became grazers then mama got violet on second day of grazing. Third day fry gone
  7. I sent 16 rams 2-3 day priority USPS on April the 14th ... this is the 23rd and they still aren't there. 16 beautiful healthy rams that ate like pigs and bred like rabbits ...Murdered by the USPS. But I was am accomplice because I trusted them to do what they agreed to do... I'll never do that again
  8. I've received many overnight shipments of live fish for which I paid from $30-$50 for shipping. BUT when I try to ship fish continental US overnight I get quotes of $120-$160. Wattley ships anywhere in Florida overnight for $30. What am I doing wrong?
  9. Iv'e got a pair of turquoise that have raised 1 group of about 50 fry. Dad did most of grazing the work. That batch of fry are doing fine in a grow out tank. The next spawn was partially fungus-ed with a few wigglers. They moved the wigglers but they were gone the next day. Now here's the question. On the next spawn, the current spawn, they got mostly wigglers, about a hundred. Then the fry were grazing mostly on dad for a day or so BUT MOM STARTED TO GET VERY VIOLENT WITH DAD... ramming lip locks causing the fry to scatter.. the fry would find their way back ... mostly to dad cause mom would shake them off.... now today the fry are gone.
  10. i just realized... the bacteria may have die because it was starved by new tank then caused ammonia
  11. bacteria on media had no time to die Filter was move from an ok tank to this one immediately. I'm puzzled
  12. I set up a new 29 ...scrubbed it with Dawn and thoroughly rinsed it. Filled it with tap water filtered through 2 carbon pre-filters. Put on an established penguin 330 hang on back with high quaulity bio media (no cartridges). Also put in a bubble up filter with sponge and micron pad. Been running 10 days with no fish, plants, or anything. Water, bubble up filter and the penguin intake are the only things in the tank. Now for the last 3 days I'm getting an ammonia test showing between 1 and 2 ppm. All my other tanks read less than .5 ppm. Why am I getting ammonia in that tank?
  13. On 8th spawn a new pair got them to wigglers then the free swimmers were all over the tank and not feeding on parents. 29 gallon tank is painted light blue on 3 sides with nothing in it but a sponge filter. Moved the parents out and some of the amazing little critters are surviving without them. I welcome any comments on why the fry never attempted to feed off the parents
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