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  1. Just noticed my Nerite had eggs on top of its shell. Guess they got tired of me scraping their eggs off the glass! Also, complimentary photobomb from my German Blue Ram... 🙂
  2. How long do the red root floater roots get? They look great! I have some frogbit but I don't really like how long they grow into the tank.
  3. I just did an airline tubing with a check-valve to connect them! No glue or heating needed! I use a airline tube holder (I think Aquarium Co Op sells these) to keep it in place.
  4. My water parameters: PH: 7.2 Ammonia & Nitrites: 0 ppm Nitrates: 30 ppm GH: 7 KH: 2 Temp: 76 F I am trying to make this tank into a shrimp tank (new to shrimps!) so I am trying not to make a ton of water changes to keep my parameters stable. I know that my nitrates are high (due to lower water changes) but I am working on lowering them through plants such as frogbit and pothos.
  5. Hello everybody! This is my first time posting on this forum so hello to everyone 🙂 I have kept fish for about 10 years now and I'm still learning new stuff every day! I rarely have to deal with illness from my fish so I need some help identifying what's wrong. I just got this new 20 long about a month ago from a craigslist post and all the fish are surviving. (Yay!) I noticed this white line on this Apistogramma Opal after about 4 weeks. I was wondering if anyone knew what this is. It doesn't look like Ich to me and no other fish show any illness. Sorry for the poor camera quality, but the location is roughly behind the gills/center of the fish. I can post my water quality and hardness after I test them if that helps anyone. Thanks!
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