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  1. Had some friends give me a 38 gallon tank after a move that they had upgraded from,,,,, went from that to 13 tanks scattered around the house all sizes, downsized to 8 tanks all 55 and larger in my first fish room, downsized to a one bedroom apartment from a three bedroom house, can't have anything larger than 10 gallons (but they didn't say how many) so three Nano tanks so far 😁
  2. Both Honey Gourami's and Kuhlis can handle a fairly wide range as long as you have some consistency, I would stick with whatever you have coming out of the tap to begin with and smaller water changes so you don't get those big swings in numbers, like ererer said chasing numbers can be a real rabbit hole. Once you see plant growth and know your tank is good and cycled then add fish and see how they do.
  3. Yes you can, I've seen it a couple of ways, either a nano HOB that pours into the overflow box or they remove the overflow box all together and just about any smaller sized HOB will work 👍
  4. They will eventually anchor themselves but it takes FOREVER, in the mean time you can just use a little bit of superglue gel to hold them in place 👍
  5. Krill will definitely enhance yellows, I feel like your already on the right track 👍
  6. You are correct, I would never suggest a Mbu in a 125 just to be clear,,,,,, was just saying I hope to have a setup big enough for a Mbu one day 👍
  7. If your up for the long term, have the will, tank size, and food budget I'd say go for the puffer!!!! A mbu is by far my dream aquatic pet,,,,, one day,,,, one day 🙂🐡
  8. I'm diggin em, I think Crypts would look good, either Wendtii or Lutea 🙂👍
  9. Well good luck with the diagnosis,,,,,, with anubias in my experience I've always found less is more at least with the water in my area, the tanks I have them in have low light and no ferts but with a decent amount of bio load and they do great,,,,, granted your water may be very different than mine, I basically have liquid rock and ammonia out of the tap........ I'm sure you'll figure it out, once they start flourishing ya can't beet the look of them.
  10. I've had those spots before and at least for me I was using to much light. Are you able to turn the intensity down a bit?
  11. The tub should be fine, of course the bigger the better but it'll work, The sponge filter won't hurt, I'd put in an air stone at a minimum. Personally I would just put the whole mop in. Good luck!!!
  12. I found the M series heaters worked better at heating but I switched to the E-series because I liked the temp to be displayed.
  13. Yup that's correct for whatever reason, I had the same heater in the same size tank, ended up running a second heater for discus I kept at 84' you'd think for the price that wouldn't be the case.
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