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  1. @Streetwise, my platys particularly love to ride the wave! I love to add water to the tank because they come to play in it🌊
  2. @Patrick_G thx! I had a Finnex planted 24/7 until last week (only 9 months old) when it just stopped working so I replaced it with a Fluval 3.0 (many thanks aquarium coop!) I will definitely try replanting !
  3. Thx Odd Duck, I ended up just leaving the two covers off the top of the OTB and that took care of the noise! I’m glad too because I enjoy my setup with the sponge filter on one end of the tank and the OTB on the other end!
  4. Can anyone tell me what is happening to my new Scarlet Temple? Ignore the algae! 😂 I planted them about 2 months ago. The base of the plants keep rotting? I dose 2x week with Easy Green and I’ve recently started adding flourish Excel to help with the horrible spot algae.
  5. Isaly, I also have a Finnex 24/7 planted light. Have had it only 9 months. Loved it till last night when it stopped working, literally just stopped. After reading more reviews, I discovered that this seems to be an common issue around the 8-9 month. Very disappointed so be aware. Hopefully you won’t run into this issue. I’ll be getting a fluval 3.0 faster than I expected
  6. Sorry for my delay s1, it’s the motor! I keep the water level to the lip of the entrance to keep the waterfall noise down and I have removed the cover over the back top portion to keep it from rattling. I have even placed a piece of cardboard under the edges where the filter meets the tank to keep the vibration to a minimum
  7. Thx, love your beardy profile pic ( best lizard ever)
  8. Advice please- 36 gal bow front with large sponge filter in left back corner and over-the-back filter back right corner. I like the setup and everything is meshing ( in place for a year now) but the noise of the hang on filter drives me up the wall. I am seeking advice before experimenting. Could I eliminate the hang on? Or replace with another sponge filter?
  9. Anewbie these suggestions sound like a solid plan! Many thanks!
  10. If I got more angels would the aggression stop? I originally had 4, one died quite young in quarantine and the other passed away quite out of the blue (I never detected anything wrong)
  11. I feel like the striped one is a male because of the head bump but why would he chase the female away? Oh gosh I’m seriously not good at this, I was thinking the gold was probably a girl 😬
  12. A bit tricky getting the sweety in hiding! Any help with sexing these babes would be appreciated! I’m just bummed that they were affectionate towards each other ; I thought they were pairing and now I have a bully!
  13. Ok here are 3 pics of the aggressor!
  14. I don’t know how to sex them properly although I’ve tried to watch videos explaining how. The aggressive one is completely flat under the belly but the subservient one has a tiny “tube-like thing “ near its anus.
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