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  1. Yes. its weird about 5 days ago the 2ed female went mia i seen her 2days before that then gone no body no nothing. I expected about 20 to 40 it is that females first birth so I'm expecting about a hundred or so on the 2nd she is still young. It's day two I do not see any casualties I've been feeding them three times a day crushed up flakes Frozen baby brine and crushed up bug bites. I will have to be careful and get them out as soon as they are a little bigger because I already have snails reproducing like crazy and even though it is a 55 gallon the system can easily overload with so much new life
  2. I got my 1st egg 2 days ago and its only one hopefully there will more today. Its only been the 1 egg they are young none of them have a interest in sitting on it
  3. Well I ran out of hydraulic cement because I only got a small $7 tub I will have to get one more it looks pretty good but I want to do the final coat on it and add some more texturing. I can kind of understand now why these things are so expensive this is about 6 hours of work fabricating it from scratch with probably an hour left not including affixing it to the back of the 20 gallon long it was created for
  4. I have a two car garage and next to it I wouldn't call it a carport but that's basically what it is it is a part of the garage so I took 4 pallets put them down through a bunch of cayenne pepper underneath there then I covered it over with plywood I didn't get them until fall last year so I have them in a very large dog crate probably 3-foot by 3-foot I put a space blanket on the top one of them heat reflective survival type blankets and I also have the crate covered in chicken wire but then I covered the outside and the top with hay and put a perch in there and a few milk crates on their side. Sometimes next week I have a shed coming that I am going to make into their new larger Coupe
  5. I know. I actually live in the city but where I live we have coyotes deer tons of raccoons there was even a hawk in my yard watching my chickens I chase it away it went in a tree I pointed my finger at it then shook my fist and it flew away not to mention stray dogs and cats. The Hawks are actually huge when you see them from about 15 feet away I would say it was a good three foot tall
  6. @Brandyhave you tried to have him make you say a 10g tank? And if he dose ask him if he can scape it because you don't have time. I know he would probably really enjoy building the tank and if you can get him to scape it on top of it every time he looks at it he will say I completely build that. It may get him to like at least one fish tank
  7. She will let me do this in the living room.(55g. 10g. 5g. Aquarium and then a 29 gallon terrarium. Then I have another 29 gallon 20 gallon long and a 15 gallon sitting empty there)They just had the so-called dollar a gallon sale so I picked up a few things. But she will not let me bring my motorcycle in the house. So i don't know..lol
  8. Does yours follow you around the yard? Mine will once they're done rooting around they specially run up to me and lock up when I go to get on my motorcycle like they want to ride on it with me. They are pretty stubborn but when they're not being stubborn they actually listen to me pretty good I'll tell him to get out of the garage and they will and 8 times out of 10 when I tell them to go to their Coop they will. I think it's because I won over the leader which is the biggest one by having her come around the yard with me and showing her the few spots I had set up with patio pavers and flip them over and show her the worms and things that live under there. They haven't laid their first eggs yet but I believe they will soon because when I yell at them to get in a Cooper out of the garage they will squat down like they're going to poop but they don't so I think their eggs are starting to develop.
  9. They do look like durps .lol they are alot smarter then i thought they would be. Only bad thing is they don't care where they crap.
  10. Nice looking chickens. Mine are super relaxed unless they want food then they don't care about anything. They do play with the kids but they always follow me around when im out in the yard
  11. I'm working on my own three dimensional Rock background for a 20 long I completely built the foam from pieces and detailed it. I'll be doing that in the next few days. But for larger tanks I've seen people use the foam insulation board and then do like I'm doing with my 3D background and shape it but knives Hot Irons and or power tools. Then you will add a water down mix of hydraulic cement let that dry then come back and hit it with a normal mixture painting it on with a paintbrush then let it cure. The next step would be to soak it or keep it submerged in the tank with no fish or plants because for a few weeks the concrete will cause a spike in pH but then it will go back down to normal and become inert and completely waterproof. Do you want to over exaggerate your details because you will be going over it twice with the concrete it will diminish some of your detail. Next song background to cut it shape it and have it where it is took me about two to three hours. And that was trying to get it done fast but I had to build layers and I used glue and toothpicks to keep it all together the water down hydraulic cement full feeling all the small cracks and bond it a regular mixed Set It all solid
  12. How much time did you spend watching them before you noticed a problem. That's the best way to know if they are breathing excessively. Another indicator if you are unaware of their normal breathing patterns is try to monitor them at night and see if it has slowed down any from the day when they are awake.
  13. Now this is more like a heavy duty tablecloth or say a flag but real heavy-duty almost like a flimsy tarp here I added photos it looks better in person and would probably look even better if I clean the algae off the back glass but I'm not until all the baby snails have grown
  14. I just got a photo backdrop it's 5 foot long by 3 ft tall. (For my 55g) vinyl photo backdrops? Right now I'm just running a solid piece of cardboard as my background I plan on putting the vinyl over that and then reattaching to my tank. It's a great-looking forest scene was only $9 I don't think I could beat it the normal aquarium backgrounds are pretty expensive. Was just wondering if anybody else has tried this and how it turned out I'm getting ready to do it here in a little bit so I'll try to and some photos to this later tonight or tomorrow
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