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  1. I would think you need at least an inch and a half of substrate the little patches you have is ideal because it will propagate with runners and it will propagate fast under the right conditions I would go with strong medium light and easy green with at least an inch and a half of substrate
  2. Thanks I'm sure if I change the settings on my phone I would be able to upload it maybe I'll figure it out sooner or later thank you. Actually I use to do YouTube professionally but it was a totally different genre than fish
  3. @Calmedbyfish probably 8 inches it's a 10g tank
  4. Where did you get the stone? I would say would have to be a bad plant or if you got your gravel from a landscaping thing or something like that it may contain something that is kind of reacting with the plan like maybe a few or one type of the kind of gravel you have in the mix.
  5. Tank up date














  6. EZ Green for the Win


  7. Does anyone know what this is it naturally occurred in my spare 10 gallon tank I kind of like the way it looks draping over the dragonstone. My best guess is some kind of algae but I do not know any help would be much appreciated thank you
  8. Drop your water level 2 or 3 inches and leave it. Mystery snails are not hermaphrodites. But they can change their sexual orientation so as long as you have a few and they are still young enough they will reproduce but you have to drop your water level 2 or 3 in because that is where they will lay their eggs
  9. I have successfully breeded my mystery snails how I was successful is by having a close top leaving the water level two or three in low average temperature 75 degrees. It laid 3 clutches in 3 days then two days later it laid 2 more clutches. Within 3 days the first clutches started turning a pinkish color then a few days later they started getting dark spots which let me know that the baby snails were developing after eight days since the clutch was laid I know this part of it starting to Tear A Part and there were little snails I left that one go and only half of them hatched so on the next one that started hatching I would take a little bit of tank water and splash it on the clutch once a day and that allowed the full clutch to hatch. I would not crumble any clutches because the babies eat the clutch as their first food. Hope this can help whoever reads it
  10. I like the colors combo im getting but still have a lot of work to do. They will be old enough to breed soon. They was born 4/1/21. Out of the 10 left 4 have color
  11. There is only 10 left out of 30 to 40 both mothers are gone. i fond the one that gave birth butt not the other. Funny thing is i think all the baby are female? Maybe the father had something to do with it. I 1st thought he killed them because they was already pregnant but you can see a few of the baby have yellow. I don't know
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