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  1. I have a guppy breeding tank and KH is vary low and I am have guppy with bent spines how could I raise KH I was thinking marine salt.
  2. How can fix my easy green pump head
  3. My new easy green pump head broke and can’t put it back on.
  4. I have a guppy Conley with tape/ flat worms and I have treated the tank 3 times with general cure and 2 time with prazi pro and still have white stringy poop does anybody know what’s happening.
  5. I have some pandas corys with fungus my 20 gallon and haveing a hard time calculating the doses.
  6. I ordered some fish form aqua huna. They came in looking very small and weak and vary skinny. What should I do
  7. I have breeding for profit tank with tons of cherry shrimp and tons of plants and it is hard to catch them any suggestions to make it easier.
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