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  1. How large of water changes and how frequently in order to do something like this. 50% 3-4 times a week?
  2. Pretty much anything that can survive a minimum tank heat requirement of at least 80F.
  3. I personally love my tidals and think they offer many benefits such as the self priming, solid removable media basket and heater holder. I think the skimmer is more of a gimmick than anything personally. They also have a massive top section in the event it “overloads” it won’t cause a mess or worse drain your tank and flood your house.
  4. My Rhombo Barbs and GBRs love to “school” and swim back and forth across my tank together, find it quite amusing!
  5. I’ve used both and like my tidals, quieter and easier to hot rod. I think the skimmer is more of a gimmick than anything. Love how they prime themselves as well! Also the heater holder is a very nice touch and I don’t see “hotspots” in my tanks anywhere.
  6. Dwarf Rainbows, Hatchetfish they’d match the general size of the rest of your stock. Really any type of rainbow would fit what you’re looking for!
  7. IME otos aren’t as delicate as everyone makes em out to be. Have them in all my tanks ranging in different water parameters.
  8. I also keep mine with some ember tetras, harlequin rasbora, a GBR and some Amano shrimp. So not a species only tank for me clearly. I added the pea puffers young and as the last in and luckily for me they realized everyone as as buddies
  9. Not sure what kind of filtration you’re running but a decent 30-60g HOB and a sponge you can get away with a lot. I like rams in 20/29g and if you want the color of guppies check out Endler’s, I’d get 6-8 males only and not worry about the breeding. I like the idea of Panda Corys for it as well! No matter what you decide you’ll be happy, my 29g is one of my favorite tanks. You could even look into micro/nano fish like Chili Rasbora, or Kubotai Rasbora, or Celestial Pearl Danio and get away with a decent size school of 12-20 of em to go with a ram or two and 4-6 small species corydoras! Just my two cents
  10. What is your setup on a tank like this? Didn’t know you could get away with that many cichlids in a 55g!
  11. I have an idea and I am looking for guidance as if it is a good idea or not. This will be my 6th tank and I am looking to do something a little bit different. I have recently gotten a new 60g tank with stand and a large cannister filter. I am curious to the idea of stocking this decent sized tank with a massive amount of nano/micro freshwater fish and ornamental shrimp obviously being heavily planted. Is this a good idea? I haven't really seen any forum posts anywhere about nano fish in anything larger than a 29g tank. Stocking Ideas so far: Chili Rasbora, CPD, Kubotai, Ember Tetra, Green Neon Tetra, Black Neon Tetra, WCMM, & Yellow Neocaridina. Should be quite the rainbow effect of colors going on. I am worried about trying Endler's and accidentally getting just one female and being saturated with livebearers. Pygmy Sunfish maybe? Killifish or halfbeaks? Are there any other ideas or suggestions? I would like to do Scarlett Badis but know that wouldn't end well for the shrimp, I have a lot of really good lfs that can pretty much order anything so any suggestions is greatly appreciated!
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