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  1. Yes, I’d started out with 2 Platies, and Mother Nature generously provided me with more. I do wonder if they compete with the shrimp for food, because they’re constantly foraging in the gravel. I’ve never seen such eating machines. To your point, the only carnivorous behavior I’ve seen is from the black neon tetras; when I introduced the neons, there was a juvenile in the school and one of the black neons had it in his jaws within seconds. I suppose that, if it couldn’t swallow a small shrimp it could at least lock down and kill one. Of course, I haven’t seen that happen, so I don’t want to convict without evidence...
  2. Good questions. I hadn’t tested for ammonia, but I’ll do that ASAP. I just dipped a 5-strip in and the GH and KH were straight up the middle, Ph was 7.5 but there was a hint of both nitrite and nitrate. So, it’s likely there’s an ammonia issue. I’d been feeding every morning but decided to cut back, as the rasboras are now starting to resemble mollies! So obviously they’re getting fed too well. just checked the outflow pipe from the water heater. Indeed. Copper. You may have sleuthed this one...thanks!
  3. Hi all. I have a 12.5 Fluval Edge with 5 platies, five neons, two black neons, three rasboras, two glofish, and a blue ram. Pretty mellow fish. I’ve introduced some shrimp into the mix, because I just like them, and I understand they’re a good cleanup crew. The tank is planted, with rock features and wood that give crevices and hideouts for shrimp to hang out in. I’ve added red cherry, blue velvet, Amanos, and a rainbow shrimp. Water seems to be right up the middle: Ph is usually 7-7.5, GH and KH are a little on the low side but not anemic. But I keep finding dead cherry shrimp. I know the platies are 24/7 eating machines; could they have killed shrimp in competition for food? Or could it be my water changes? I pull out about 20% every two weeks. Or could it be my water changing method? (Ive don’t that slam-the-siphon-in technique to get the flow started - could a concussion wave from that kill an invertebrate?) Just looking for ideas here...thanks!
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