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  1. I have not figured it out either but I did reach out to the developer to get the question answered. Nice thing as a tester you can give feedback to them for improvements. Doesn't mean they will do it but I am sure the more people that ask for a change it will likely happen.
  2. Never thought about turning the light off. Was leaving it on to mimic natural habitat. The tank is in the garage so which does not have any traffic except when I check on them but will try turning off the light. Thanks
  3. I just received 8 CPDs yesterday and put them in my Quarantine tank with med trio. I just have a few clippings from a plant, small rock, heater, and sponge filter. It is bare bottom other than what I listed. The fish are very skittish and frantically swimming around when I observe the tank. I feel they might be stressing themselves out to much. Tank parameters are well within normal ranges. Is this normal behavior for these fish? Should add more structure in my quarantine tank?
  4. I wanted to journal my first time using a quarantine tank and med trio. Would like to get the best success with adding new fish to my community tank. Setup my tank and used a sponge that was already seasoned. Added beneficially bacteria to boost the cycle process. This tank has been setup now for 1 week and I continued to monitor the parameters. Everything is moving along. Today I received my CPD's from aqua huna. They came in very quick from the west to the east coast. Two days...amazing. Fish look very healthy and were excited to get out of the bag after I acclimated them. After 1 hour in the tank they started to get their color in. I will be starting the med trio today as directed by @Coryas I want to give them their best shot. All my water change and equipment used on the tank will be separated from my community tank equipment so I do not get cross contamination. Learned that from one of @Irene videos. I will continue to update as I progress through this new journey. Hopefully all turns out well as these are a fish I been wanting to keep for awhile now.🤞
  5. Yes it is normal for the plants to melt back some due to the plants are grown out of water at the farm. They are converting to being submerged and getting acclimated to your tank parameters. See picture and it explains more.
  6. Snail just barely hanging on. The cherry shrimp are my new additions to the tank.
  7. @Cory just purchased the 2nd generation of this product. Wow..easy setup and the speed is amazing. Getting full speed I am paying for now. Replaced my nighthawk router that was performing at really slow speeds. You were not kidding that this out performs high-end routers. Thank you for the recommendation.
  8. I have used this before for corners caulk work. Work for the most part. Some of the upper corners are just hard. Allway caulk tool. I think I got it at lowes.
  9. Nice build. Definitely a setup I am striving for..would like to get to a point at least the hobby is paying for itself.
  10. I really like the xtreme fish brand. They make many different products. My fish go nuts over it and it gets all eaten up fast. Been feeding it for a few weeks now and the colors in the fish are brighter.
  11. I have had problems with BBA and string algae. I utilized the methods @Candi suggested and it worked. Did extra water changes to just make sure it did not affect my water parameters to much.
  12. Today I finally got my Quarantine Tank. Now I can get it setup this weekend and cycle it. I will use the extra sponge filter I have in my community tank. Also, added 10 cherry shrimp.
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