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  1. I am setting up a new tank and would like to get a pair of German Blue Rams. Does their color look best on light or dark substrate?
  2. Do plants from a lfs need to be "quarantined" like fish do?
  3. Hi all! I'm getting ready to replant my planted tank into a larger 40g breeder. My old tank has a mix of natural gold colored gravel. I used caribsea red under the gravel for the plants & it worked fine when i gravel vacuumed if some of it got pulled to the surface because it blended with the gravel. My new tank will have light colored gravel (peisces silver pearl from amazon). Does anyone know of a light(er/ish) colored plant substrate that I can use under the gravel? I don't plan on using carpeting plants so I will definitely need to be able to gravel vac & I don't want to have a dark substrate get pulled up & mixed in.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm relatively new to the hobby. About a year ago I set up my first planted tank - it's a 37 gallon which is 24" tall, I'm running it on a canister filter. Now that's it's filing out the plants are getting crowded and 'm finding it way too tall to maintain. I would like to swap it out for a 40 gallon breeder. My question is this: do I need to cycle the tank again if I move all the plants, hardscape, and filter to the new tank? The only thing that will be new is the tank & substrate. Thank you!
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