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  1. I was choosing between salt vs. epsom and went with non iodide salt. The fact that it did nothing, you still think epsom could make a difference? He can live like this right?
  2. This is Daddy flagfish who I have had now for 1 1/2 years. Upon noticing the Popeye, I quarantined him, and because tank wasn’t cycled, I changed 1/2 the water daily. I treated him first with Maracyn 2 (didn’t work), then Maracyn (again no results), 1 Tbsp salt daily and also tried Artemiss microbe-lift. I put him back in the community tank, where he seems happier, but eye is the same. I’m assuming at this point it’s from an injury? Will the eye potentially fall out?
  3. The recipe in this article sounds promising, but I don’t like how the author says that levamisole can’t be absorbed by being in the water column-clearly not true... https://aquariumscience.org/index.php/10-12-1-camallanus/
  4. I’m going to try Maracyn first, which is safe, as my quarantine is taken up right now for camallanus worms. Never a dull moment!
  5. Thank you! Are those both safe for inverts?
  6. vividjs24


    Is this columnaris? I noticed what seemed like gray freckles last week on its head and this appeared yesterday and got worse over night. 5 gallon tank with another sparkling gourami, glass chuno gobies, nerites, spixi snail, Thai micro crabs and neocaridina shrimp. Do you recommend Maracyn?
  7. Thank you! I have separated my 8 peacock gudgeons into a hospital tank. I have scooped up around 10 worms since treatment on Thurs. I really appreciate the recipe for the food. I am still deciding if I want to treat the rest of the fish with food. I will not treat that tank in the water because of all the snails/shrimp I have. Have you tried mixing food with levamisole, or do you only recommend fenbendazole? Also, I am again hesitant to treat with food, because the scavengers may pick it up and die I assume??
  8. Thank you both! I am planning on mixing the levamisole with frozen bloodworms-how do you recommend I go about doing this?
  9. Have you personally treated with shrimp or just snails? What type of snails and what size tank? I am also concerned that I don't have gravel to be able to better suck up potential paralyzed worms if I use the medication....
  10. I am beside myself. Just found camallanus worms protruding from my peacock gudgeon (I chose to euthanize it). I have a 40 gallon heavily planted community tank with MANY fish, shrimp and snails. Substrate is Seachem's Black Flourite Sand. The way I see it, using the likely medication of Levamisole is not an option, as I am not willing to lose all of my vampire and amano shrimp. I just ordered an Aqua Top SP7UV Sterilizer in the hopes of getting at this nightmare in a different way. What are you opinions?
  11. Ahhh! I hear you! I am now dealing with hydra. If I then get planaria, I am throwing in the Neocaridina towel!
  12. Oh no! I am sorry to hear that. Yes, Pimafix definitely causes a lack of oxygen. I had two sponge filters going in my 5 gallon, which added enough surface agitation for my situation. Just curious-did it get rid of the vorticella aside from killing your animals?
  13. I agree with what was said above in regards to the animals on the glass being daphnia or cyclops, which are great to have. As for the vorticella, not so much. I would take out the plants as you have where you see it, and treat the tank with API Pimafix for the full week cycle before adding any shrimp into that environment.
  14. Yes, they don't look at all like that photo...someone else had mentioned a type of Eugnathogobius?
  15. Can someone help me to identify these freshwater gobies that I got yesterday? I have been getting conflicting opinions. I think they are Barcheek Goby (Rhinogobius giurinus), but I am not sure...
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