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  1. Hello! I have been keeping fish for several years now, but I am just opening up to the idea of snails. I was wondering if I need to quarintine Nerite or Mistery snails before adding them to my community tank? I alwayys quarintine new fish, but I am not sure if snails are able to bring anything into my aquarium that could make my fish sick. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much!!
  2. Hello everyone! I have a 20 gal heavily planted tank that I would like to add a Bristlenose pleco to. He was given to me (I had very little knowledge of plecos when he was given to me as a gift) and has outgrown the 10 gal tank. The 20 gal I want to add him to has eco complete as a substraight... Will eco complete hurt him? He doesn't hang out a ton on the substraight but I am a little concerned about the eco complete being too rough and possibly cutting his belly. Does anyone have any experience with eco complete and a pleco?
  3. I just added 7 neon tetras to my 20 gal community tank after quarantining them for 3 weeks and using the three meds that Cory recommends before adding fish to your tanks. I noticed that the largest one is looking pretty fat. He/she does seem to always find things to eat so I am not sure if he/she is just a pig and eating a ton or if maybe he's sick? Or maybe they just look like this? This is my first time keeping Neon's so I am new to them. I have attached a picture for reference. Thank you!!
  4. @Seattle_Aquarist I will try that! Thank you!
  5. Thanks @Wes L. and @Seattle_Aquarist! I really appreciate all the help! It looks like what is used in our water softener is Sodium Chloride. When I test the outside spigot water its 11 dGH and 9 dKH so it must be bypassing the water softener.
  6. Thank you @RockMongler! I really apprecaite the info. I was hopeing there was a way to bump GH without bumping KH, but it seems like that is not a thing, so I will have to figure out a way to bypass the softener at lease for my tanks. I have considered going the RO route before so I will look into that some more also. Thanks again!
  7. Hi @Seattle_Aquarist Yes, I do have a water softener. I live in Utah where we have really hard water so water softeners are a staple in most homes to help protect pipes.
  8. Hello! I have just started using live plants in my aquariums. I have put quite a few in most of my tanks. I have a questions that I am hopeing someone can help me with. In my tap water I have really high KH (179ppm or 10 degrees) I have 0 GH though, when I test the GH with the API drops, it doesn't even go the ogrange color, it just turns green when I put the first drop in. This must be a rare problem to have becasue finding answers online has been super hard! I need to know if it is nessisary to my plants and fish to raise my GH and if so how can I raise that without raising my KH? I have a few betta (in seperate tanks) and bristlenose Plecos and a bunch of different low light plants. My PH is 8-8.2 (if that matters) and I never see any swing in it really.
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