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  1. Thanks guys nice to know sounds like my wife and I have some interesting things coming up 🤓
  2. Thank you I will try to get a better updated picture but the only thing I have in my tank right now is peppermint and red cherry shrimp don't know where that one came from
  3. There is an old video of Cory building one with cinder blocks which I admired that the video was about 4 years ago on YouTube
  4. Hi guys just curious if you think this is a black diamond shrimp ? This is the 1st time ive noticed it
  5. Thanks guys I appreciate that I'm getting ready to move shrimp into it from another tank today
  6. Thank you Bunch for the input if I start putting some live plants or maybe a couple of fish in there is it going to be harmful
  7. Hi guys hope everybody is well just curious if somebody can shed light on to me on what this might be small 10 gallon tank I started up and I put this piece of wood in there I got from a local fish shop the tank has been up for about a week with just water and lights nothing else and this piece of wood
  8. Just started using root tabs and easy green yesterday..but i must be doing something right .lol
  9. Your thoughts on this? My 1st planted tank going on 3 weeks..
  10. Thanks.!!! Very helpful Guys i Appreciate it...
  11. Should i be running a Air stone in a planted tank with shrimp??
  12. Hi, I'm New To The Forum Ans Aquarium Coop I love the videos, Thank You So Much.. me and my wife started a breeder tank, And the local fish store sold me and my wife a pregnant Guppie cause we want to start the tank with fry. she looks like shes ready to POP! Just like the guy at the fish store said. How Long should we keep her in the breeder? because it's 2 days now and she had not let them go. Thanks Carl.
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