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  1. @s1_ Unfortunately for our space 60" is too long. 54" is about the widest we can go. I found the following industrial shelving: 1. https://www.globalindustrial.com/p/storage/bulk-rack/extra-heavy-duty/bulk-storage-rack-48-w-x-24-d-x-84-h-starter-3-shelf-levels-wood-deck-light-gray But it isn't clear between the product width and outer width that it meets the +1/2 inch rule of thumb. @James Black I also found the following tutorial, similar to the video posted above from Cory: 2. (114) Dual 75 gallon Aquarium Stand Racking - YouTube We also found racks that do meet the dimensions but are only rated for ~600lbs per shelf, which just probably isn't enough for 75gals + glass + substrate + filters + lights. 900lb seems more appropriate. The more we think about it, the less confident we are on DIY. Not because we don't think we can do it, but more than for this project we just don't want any risk. 3. If anyone is in the PNW and feels comfortable doing this, we'd pay $300 for a leveled and tiered stand for 75 gallons that meet our specifications (making it look nice our responsibility :D). @SocquaMy wife loves the idea of decorating it with plants. We'll have to do that. 🙂 @Phillip Any chance you can check if the width of the shelf is 48.5" actually? I realize it probably is not. We're having trouble making the vision of a 75gal with 10s above work so we're working on the vision of two 75gals with storage underneath. @Tetra Guy clarification. Is your idea to look at a pre-built plan and get plywood cut to size, and then level and screw it together ourselves?
  2. Wow I love the setup you have with the pothos plant over the top of the aquarium. Can you show more of that setup? Does it get in the way at all of servicing the aquarium? Fish and plants both look splendid. Congratulations on getting the Anubias to flower. How much carbon have you found you've needed to balance the tank?
  3. We need to get some additions made for a fish rack in our home. We live in the Pacific Northwest (Kent, WA). Does anyone have any recommendations? We are having difficulty finding non-emergency plumbers. (Feel free to private message.)
  4. More research. Here's what we're thinking of doing. 1. We are going to have a rough-in faucet and drain built around the height of 60" and 12" 2. We are thinking about getting a storage shelf (https://www.uline.com/Product/Detail/H-2190/Wide-Span-Storage-Racks/Wide-Span-Storage-Rack-Particle-Board-48-x-18-x-60) 3. We will put wood paneling on this to make it nicer, and hinges on the bottom. 4. We will drill between boards as necessary to route cables, tubing. The dimensions of this shelf are the exact same width as our 75gal tank - both 48". Will they fit on one another? If the edges aren't fully supported will this be okay?
  5. A scared straight story for putting too much "theory" over too little practice I still think about today. As a new hobbyist I tried to do waay too much with one 10gal tank. It was supposed to be a Walstad tank, growing high light plants, heavily stocked. And when I got some bloat I read I needed epsom salt. I added epsom salt to the tank every day for months during over-frequent water changes (no QT tank of course). It was not successful at all and almost discouraged me from continuing the hobby, but of course was entirely my own fault...
  6. Hi Aquarium Co-op Forum Community! First time posting. :) My wife and I are looking to set up a new fish rack. In the past we used an old craftsman built-in to set up tanks on a shelf system (near our dinner table) and loved the experience of interacting with our fish every meal. Our current ambition is to keep one primary (75gal standard) and several secondary tanks on rack with storage underneath. Something like retail aquarium stands with nice trim/finish but built with clearance for a second upper shelf. We are generally comfortable with DIY but would much prefer to buy something reliable and nice-looking. (We're willing to pay for something specialized like this.) Do you have any recommendations? In return we'll post our build progress. :)
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