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  1. Rhonda

    Angel Fish eyes

    She is eating, water temp is 77.8- a little warmer than usual, I try to keep it at 75. All of my other parameters are exactly the same as they have been for the last 3 years.
  2. I noticed this evening that one of my 5 Angels has something going on with her eyes. She is the only one with it, acting normal, eating and swimming normally. It is on both eyes, one is worse than the other. I did a 50% water change a week ago and cleaned all my filters. Any ideas??
  3. I prefer to not have lessons related to killing my fish, but a lesson is a lesson! I ordered a GLA regulator and will make sure I can run it and THEN get more fish. Thanks!
  4. Wow, thanks for such great information. The unfortunate part is I don't know what I don't know. (If that makes sense) When everything seems to make sense there is always something more that I didn't know to ask. We never stop learning something new!
  5. Thanks. I have a feeling I won't be able to return the system, but I'll see what customer service says. Either way, I don't want to give up on using Co2. There is a brewery supply store not far from me that does tank exchange, so I think that will be my best option. As for the regulator, I will look further into the difference between Co2art and GLA and get one of their regulators. My son built his own computer because he knew each piece that he wanted to make it the "perfect" system for him. I feel like that's what I need to do, I just don't know the best of each part. I know the regulator is the most important piece for sure! Thanks again.
  6. As I get more "adventurous" I am making mistakes, but none this drastic. I feel pretty confident that the mistake I made here was buying a bad system. I read everywhere and watched sooo many videos that said "don't go cheap", my ignorance of trusted companies is where I failed. This is why I won't buy anything live online - I don't know who to trust. I got really lucky when I found Aquarium Coop and realized the store wasn't too far from me. There is only one other non pet chain store near that I know of and I was really unhappy with some of the fish I bought there. So I will drive an extra 90 minutes just to get pretty much everything from Aquarium Coop. If they had a Co2 set up - I would have bought it there.
  7. I was looking at this one last night. In fact it’s in my “virtual cart”. I went to a local brewery yesterday and showed them my tank, I knew it was the same threading as a paintball tank, but no one will fill it. They have 5 lb tanks for $95 with an exchange system. I will probably go that route. I know you said you use COArt2 equipment, have you had any issues with their products? thanks
  8. I didn’t realize the atmospheric pressure would affect the flow rate of CO2. That seems really dangerous for anyone using CO2, not just aquarists. I don’t think that was the issue in my case though. The weather was about the same for the 3 days it ran. thanks for the info!
  9. It is a dual stage regulator, and I didn’t think $200 was a cheap option, but based on some of the comments, I guess it is a bad company with bad products. I just didn’t want to spend $800 for something that turned out to be more difficult to manage than I could work with. I wanted a complete system, that wasn’t disposable so I could learn how to use it. I’m pretty disappointed in my mistake. I’ll look for one of the other company products you mentioned. Thanks.
  10. An automatic water chemistry adjuster. This may exist, but probably costs a fortune. The system would read parameters and add whatever is missing or low or do a water change.
  11. Thanks Frank. I sent an email to the customer service department to see if I can get a new regulator. Maybe it is a poor quality system. If there was a leak, I would expect that it wouldn't have dumped into the tank. Do you know how to test the regulator? I'm going to get the Co2 tank re-filled today and test it on just my planted tank. My snails are living in my other tank for now.
  12. Thanks Daniel, I had read about the Co2 dumps that happen with a lot of the disposable systems which is why I bought the one with the regulator and timer. The reviews I saw about the Ista system were good, I am wondering if I have a bad regulator. It was a 1 liter tank at a really slow infusion rate - do you think it would have already emptied? I don't know how long a tank should last.
  13. My tank was finally doing well, algae under control, fish and snails happily living together, perfect water chemistry....so I decided to try adding co2 to get some better plant growth. I also added some plants that grow better with Co2. I watched several videos and read articles about Co2, pros/cons and set up. I bought the Ista professional system, with solenoid and timer. Set it up on Monday, it worked fine, turned off overnight, Tuesday and Wednesday, Co2 levels were good, it turned off overnight. Thursday morning I left for work and it was at about 1 bubble every 3-4 seconds and microbubbles had started to come in. I left for work, all was well. I got home that evening, went to greet my fish and they were all dead, and my snails were not doing so hot. Co2 tank was empty and the indicators were yellow. I feel horrible that I upset my tank balance and killed my finned friends!! What did I do wrong?!? My snails recovered and are back in that tank. I really want to learn from this mistake so any insight on what may have happened would be appreciated. Thanks!
  14. Wow! Thanks for so much info! Sorry about the pictures, I can’t figure out why they flip when I post them or how to orient them correctly. I have some work cut out for me today. My old tank was always crystal clear and I didn’t realize how much my pleco cleaned it. I’m trying to be proactive so I don’t loose anything. I’m amazed at how much I’ve learned in the last 3months alone. I had no idea how much I didn’t know!
  15. I was going to do that, but it will remove nitrates. I feel like I’m adding fertilizer just to remove it. I suppose it’s better to just use it to remove the nitrites.
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