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  1. With a 15 gallon tank I would think you could just take water down pretty low then hand carry it with two people. I had to temporarily move a couple of 29 gallon tanks a while back. I took the water down low and used a hand truck that folds down into a little four wheel cart. Placed a small cabinet I had on the cart then pulled the tank onto it which was about the same height. Worked like a charm with two people. Just went slow and careful.
  2. Stuff like frog bit and small parts of plants were out. Raccoons are rarely seen here but they are around.
  3. We do have scrub jays around all the time here too. They are so smart.
  4. Had my first USB nano air pump from the Co-op fail after running for around two years straight. I have all my air running both inside and outside from these little wonders. I love them because they are totally silent and obviously reliable. Enough power to run to the bottom of my 150 gallon stock tank pond with ease. They are small and easy to move. At $10 each they are a no brainer for me. I just ordered a couple more.
  5. I did think the medaka would be too small for critters to bother with. I guess no snack too small is right! Haha! I guess the birds hunt tiny fish in the wild too and these were like an easy access buffet for them. Think I’ll make a cover for this tub too. Something I can easily take off when I want to look at them. I did discover one adult survived the slaughter too. Have to grow out all those fry now which us fine.
  6. I was asleep early this morning. My dog was very restless and woke me up wanting to go out which is unlike her unless she thinks something is outside. So I let her out and found something had gotten into my medaka rice fish tub. My dog must have heard the critter at the tub. The 8 or so adult medaka were gone. Some plants were on the ground still pretty wet. Luckily there are still a bunch of fry. They’ve only been outside for a month or so. Last fall/winter I lost a couple goldfish from a 150 gal stock tank pond too after the plants had died back. I made a wire cover for that to use until spring and cover plants for them to hide come back. I’m thinking it’s been cranes or egrets. A neighbor had the same problem with birds. Could be raccoons but they are fairly rare around here or maybe cats. Anyone else deal with this issue?
  7. I have 29, 10, and 9 cube inside. 150 and 20 tubs outside. I like my 29’s but I wouldn’t want anything deeper. The two 29’s I have are well established and on point now. I think 40 breeder is a great size. 30 longs look cool too. Love my outside tubs.
  8. It was a newer one with the light on top that failed. I have an couple of older ones too with the blue knob on top that have been running longer. I like the lights better on the older one too.
  9. Noticed one if my tanks was a few of degrees higher than usual a couple of days ago. Didn’t think that much of it as it’s warming up around here but we haven’t used the AC yet. Usually keep tanks 76-78. Went to do water changes today and as soon as I touched the water I knew that same tank was way high. It was 93. Pulled heater out right away and it was very warm. Got temp down with slow water changes to about 83. Leaving lid off and turned the overhead fan on to cool the rest if the way. Fish seem ok. Guppies, lamb chop rasboras, and plecos. It was an Aqueon Pro 150 watt heater about two years old. Glad I caught it in time. Threw a 50 watt heater I had in there for now until I get another one.
  10. Errk25

    Medaka fry

    I have them is a separate 10 gallon where they hatched from a spawning mop.
  11. Spotted my first red cap medaka fry today in my indoor tanks. So tiny! I want to breed some over the colder months and get them into outdoor tubs come spring.
  12. I do love the tool chests as tank stands. Nice way to organize all your aquarium stuff.
  13. Did some water changes where they were due. Thinned out rocks and plants in one tank. Thinking if getting more Easy Planters for it too. Been liking tanks without so much stuff in them lately. So that tank got a good gravel vac too. Been waiting for my young red cap medaka to breed. Saw one carrying eggs once and that was it. No fry yet. Left guppy grass in their tank for two weeks and just moved the grass over to another empty tank for eggs to hatch. Put fresh grass in the medaka tank. This is how youtuber Fish Boy has had great success with them. My new this year outdoor stock tank goldfish pond is started to get cooler. Seeing if the water lettuce in it will make it through our relatively mild winter.
  14. I love that piece of manzanita too. It was from a local guy on ebay.
  15. I just kept mine in the rock wool making sure any rhizome plants don't have their rhizome buried in it. I was thinking of putting plants I already had in them too with substrate and a pot. I think they'll be fine either way. To me the rock wool is a little unsightly so you could put a little substrate on top of it too I suppose to make it look better.
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