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  1. Just started dumping neon tetras in this weekend. Doing great so far. Have the center piece soaking to stay submerged. Pics coming soon. Also will be trying cardinals after a 4 week quarantine so see how that works out.
  2. Working on it. Put a dozen in today and they seem to be doing great. Just waiting for the plants to root and keeping a eye out for a nice piece of wood for the center piece
  3. So the neon tank has been cleaned and is on the rise for a 2nd coming. Got my order of 3 dwarf sagittarias and red dwarf lily bulb along with the easy green. Put a root tab in all 3 potted plants and waiting for the results. Wanted to wait till I got the plants in before adding the turbo start and half a dozen neons to start back out. Thank you Cory for all the videos and helping with my selection of plants and anyone that commented on my last post and here's to a healthy 75gal tank of 150 neons!
  4. Morphy youre right. But even tho I'm saddened to lose basically all my neons I can apply the knowledge to rebuilding this. I have some ideas and after I get this under control its gonna be even better than the first try. Idk if you guys can see my pic of my first 75gal but its my pride and joy. About how far I've come since I started out. The death of fish sucks but at the same time they're imprinted on you about what to remember down the road
  5. So I have the means of the QT tank which id like to put the remaining fish in then just draining the main tank for a few days. The plants I have are showing fungi symptoms so this might be a good chance for a new opportunity. I have about 8 neon and 4 black neons left besides the flying foxes but I wanna make sure I do a flush of the system not saying bleach but just tap water and make sure the systems good. From what im getting theres alot of ways I can approach this and you guys have confirmed my ideas so thank you for the help so far
  6. Squeegee not saying you're right or wrong but I think im gonna take a mix of both. A quarantine period and a drain of the tank just to be safe
  7. Thanks James I had a feeling that was the route I would have to take. But I have 3 flying foxes that havent been affected but I need to quarantine so I might have to start up my back up tank again in this weekend to let them get it out of their system. Sad thing is I've NEVER had a issue with neons before adding the cardinals. My biggest was 1.5 inches since August. Gonna try what you said and hope it works better this time and apply what I've learned to making this try better
  8. Hey everyone I need some help. I had a 75 gal tank that was doing great full of neon tetras and I started adding cardinal tetras and all a sudden all my neons started dying off. I checked with my local shop and they said cardinals are caught in the wild and may carry disease. Long story short I've been treating the tank but if the last handful die off just going to do a reset. Have the turbo start bacteria but is there a good way of flushing the system of the bacteria/fungi? I just wanna get back on the road of my 75 gal of 200 neons and this time neons only. Any help or suggestions are appreciated thoroughly
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