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  1. Les

    Dirty faced fish

    I have tested the water a couple of times this week and everything is correct for cichlids
  2. Les

    Dirty faced fish

    My cichlid looks like it has a dirty face. Not sure this is not just its markings. It is a relatively new fish. it appears happy.
  3. I have a red zebra and it appears lethargic and tend to open and shut his mouth a lot like he is breathing a lot. The appearance of the fish looks great. All my other red zebras and the other fish seem fine. my water tested good. He is a bit smaller than most other zebras and I have one that is the boss. Could this be that the fish is trying to stay hidden and is just nervous from the more aggressive fish. I did notice that the others fish seemed to have a fascination with this fishes hide out spot.
  4. Is is beneficial and necessary to have bottom feeders in my aquarium of Cichlids? If they are beneficial or necessary what would be the best type for a 60 gallon cichlid aquarium. I currently have yellow Lab’s red Zebras Pseudotropheus saulosi
  5. Les


    Thank you for the information. I appreciate the help.
  6. Les


    Hello I have a 55 gallon tank. I have kept basic tropical community fish in my other aquarium but now I have a 55 gallon aquarium. I have some small yellow labs in that Aquarium. My plan is to add some more fish. I was told it would be best to add four of a certain type of fish at a time. My question, is it OK to add that many small fish at a time? The fish that are in the aquarium now are about as small as you can buy them. My plan is to buy some about the same size. Another question if I add the four fish how long should I wait before adding another set of fish? I do have one more question. If I was to add Peacock‘s to the aquarium do they have to be the same types of Peacock’s or could they be different types of peacocks? I greatly appreciate any help.
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