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  1. I use the fluval plant and shrimp stratum in all my planted tanks, some of my tanks it's mixed with other gravel, or red clay substrate, but the hairgrass seems to love it in mine. This picture is from one of two tanks with only the fluval stratum. I wish I had a before, but this was half a small mat (divided it with 2 other tanks) and I meticulously pulled each rooted group out of the mat and planted each separately far enough into the substrate so that barely a centimeter of the grass poked out. I use aquarium co-op root tabs about every 6 inches and you can see the growth upwards is spectacular, and it's well rooted so my betta that loves to rub himself on the grass doesn't uproot it when he does. It has also spread by about 25% in 4-5 months. I dose with liquid co2 (and I don't remember to dose daily like the instructions say). For liquid ferts, I alternate with seachem flourish and easygreen, biweekly. //content.invisioncic.com/b300999/monthly_2020_09/IMG_5773.JPG.0d8cb7e8eb7345fc972daa054f3e5079.JPG
  2. I've planted them twice, the first time I put one from the package in and it sprouted right away and grew huge, the other two I didn't plant right away since I still only had a smaller tank and my dog thought they were chew toys 😝...the same dog that eats my fish food too. When I bought more I planted all three at once in a bigger tank with other plants...I actually forgot they were there until I was stripping that tank down (I upgraded again) and while cleaning out the substrate grabbed one and instantly freaked out and threw it thinking it was something creepy living in my tank... once safely armed with longer tweezers I realized what they were. They were black and nothing had ever sprouted.
  3. I've been doing this for quite some time too, I have annuals that have lasted a second year because of watering with the tank water. I have a Christmas cactus that I've had for 4 years and before tank water it would barely grow one new leaf in 3-4 months. In the span of a year it's grown a full 6 inches taller and is about as big as a basketball around. It even had it's first flower bud...sadly I found it cause I moved my curtain behind the plant and knocked it off before it had a chance to actually bloom. I'm hopeful the colder weather in the next few months plus the fish water give me many more so I can finally see it bloom. My outside plants love it too, my citronella plants are as big as bushes and I've had to cut them back twice this year, my wandering jew has quadrupled in size and even my creeping jenny withstood the summer temps of over 100 here in full sun. Fish poo water is the best plant food I've ever found.
  4. Not even the algae wafers are safe!!! He at least looks guilty about it...
  5. My dog eats my fish food... If I don't securely lock my fish cabinets or keep the food up high, my 60 lb pit bull will chew through the bottle/bag/packaging to get to whatever kind it is, even the algae wafers aren't safe. I swear he's gonna grow gills one day! More than once I've had to buy fish food and tell the puzzled clerk that just saw me the day before that "my dog ate it." 😂
  6. They are quite spoiled...especially the oldest one, my 14 year old Catahoula (brown spotted one on the right), she's my very sweet diva. I've had her longer than the other two, We just hit 11 years together this July, officially longer than my marriage was. I couldn't imagine life without my fur & fin babies.
  7. My 3 "other" wake up calls... They're all senior rescue dogs, 2 of which I've had for 10 years, one for almost a year (he was 8 when I adopted him) We also have two love birds in the house that belong that to my oldest child.
  8. beautiful tank! I'm curious, is that a green background? I've never cared much whether my tanks had backgrounds...until I put one on my guppy tank. I have the perfect background ideas in my head for two of my tanks, and I can't really seem to find them anywhere without them costing a small fortune to have custom made. I'm not a fan of most of the common designs out there though. Do you have any thoughts on different backgrounds? I have watched the video on the store page about sewing plants onto a material for a background...not really a fan of that idea either... I'm just flat out too lazy for that mess. Anyways, I love your advice, yours and Cory's videos are incredibly helpful.
  9. Hello Steph. My kids and I lived in Hawaii for four years; it was absolutely gorgeous there. I do miss the water, being able to hike without fear of snakes and that gorgeous drive up H3.... Which island are you on? We were on Oahu, my ex husband is retired Navy and we were stationed there before coming to Virginia. I also visited Lanai, but only briefly. I plan to come back for a visit after a few other bucket list travel spots have been checked off my list (after coronavirus obviously). Nice to meet you.
  10. Hello Vikki, nice to meet you. I love guppies! I have an all guppy 10 gallon as one of my tanks and I can serious just sit on my living room floor and watch that tank all day and be quite content. What a lovely place to be as well. Are you Scottish or an expatriate from another country? Hopefully next year I'll be in Scotland too for just a little while...had vacation planned for August of this year, but for obvious reasons it got a little postponed.
  11. Hi all...I've been following Cory and Aquarium Co-op for several months along with some of his friends... well lurking mostly... I finally became a member and apparently that opens a whole new world of likeminded fish lovers. I thought I could only find those by frequenting my favorite local fish store. I live in southeast Virginia; I settled here after my ex-husbands career landed us here and I fell in love with the area so I bough my own home (military brat, then wife... it's new to me to put down roots). I currently own 6 tanks, 5 at home and a Betta tank in my office. I'm about to be back down to 5 though. I purchased my new 75 gallon to replace my 36 gallon bow front tank (anyone local interested in purchasing said cycled tank, filter, top, stand and the basic light that came with it?). It was my first tank and I have discovered I HATE how it looks, and having to find fish in there when you have astigmatism is a huge pain. I'm almost completely done cycling the large tank...likely tomorrow when I test again. I currently have 3 turquoise rainbowfish, a zebra loach, a clown loach, a small school of pygmy cory's, 4 emerald cory's, two golden algae eaters and one obnoxious minnow (I'll have to tell you his/her story one day) along with some nerite and assassin snails and multiple amano shrimp for the 75 gallon. I plan on stocking two more female turquoise rainbowfish as soon as my store can get them. I have a twenty gallon in my room, it has a mustard/black male betta, a zebra loach, a golden algae eater, a nerite snail, a few assassin snails (they hitched a ride with some of the plants, like pest snails, but better) 7 ember tetras, 3 cardinal tetras (they were originally with my blue betta at work in my 6 gallon, but he's a jerk and likes to be alone with his mystery snail so I obliged), 2 ghost shrimp, and who knows how many cherry shrimp now (it started as 3... I know I count more than that, but they hide so well among the plants and rocks it's hard to say). My 10 gallon tank has 2 fancy guppies, 3 endler guppies, and one assassin snail. That one is really cool, I made it two levels...can't wait to show it off. The other two tanks, one is my son's and the other 10 is now my quarantine/hospital tank... it was housing my figure 8 puffer after its 20 gallon sprung a leak, until my 36 gallon was free for a larger brackish tank, but he became too stressed being moved around, even with being as careful as I could be with his adjustments and he passed 😪. I'm so glad to be here and to learn from all of you. It's kinda funny, the one guy that doesn't know me at my most frequented fish store is the one that helped me load the tank in my car and he said "welcome to an expensive hobby"... I'm an accountant, and I firmly believe there is a distinct difference in cost and worth. What I pay for my aquariums and other animals, pales in comparison to the joy I receive from caring for them. Of course... the owner quickly corrected him and let him know I was far deeper in the "hobby" than he assumed. PS... why is it that dwarf hairgrass is the one plant I have to have a love/hate relationship with!!! love the aesthetic...hate that any plant that outgrows it and blocks the light might kill it before it can spread... I wish I like other foreground plants as much. updated with pictures: the first is my 75 gallon, yes I mixed natural plants with pirate/mermaid themed decor... I love it, that’s what matters. I call my 3 rainbows my “hippos” (hungry hungry hippos to be exact). The second is my 10 gallon guppy tank, they’re even all showing off for camera. The third is my 20 gallon betta and tetra tank. Those are my “Piranhas” cause they go after their pellets like they’re famished always.
  12. I hope you don't mind a drop in comment...have no idea who you are or what you originally met for...but you had me at coffee!
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