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  1. Here’s the 75... adding new plants and fish from quarantine next week.
  2. Thanks everyone. Sure thing; my 75G is a little overdue for some maintenance but I’ll post a pic when it’s a little more organized and the latest fish are integrated... here is my 40G quarantine (currently doubling as a breeding tank - also where plants go to die, although so far most of them bounce right back. Still trying to pinpoint why some do better in the 40 than the 75...). Shrimp tank also attached currently housing some some guppy fry. I admit it may need a little pruning but everyone seems happy. Also, my favorite new additions: my 3 Bolivian rams. Love those little guys. They were sold to me as electric blues from a big retail store but I’m convinced they’re Bolivian, which is fine with me since it sounds like they’re hardier and more adaptable than the blues from what I’ve read. If anyone can confirm, please feel free...thanks!
  3. Could always keep a small HOB on standby and keep the media in your main tank filter?
  4. Haha, I take a head count at every feeding (also good counting practice for my daughter). Sadly, I even keep a log book of additions/losses to track any issues and water parameter changes, which probably isn’t healthy... can usually account for everyone within a couple days except the ottos. Literally go months without seeing them...
  5. Hi everyone, New to the forum - been watching Cory on YouTube and learning a bunch. The clips have been very helpful. I have a moderately planted 75G (no Co2), 40G breeder (used as quarantine and currently trying to breed some guppies), and a planted 5G neocaridina shrimp tank which I’ve also been using to raise my first batch of guppy fry. Fish: yoyo loaches, neons, cherry barbs, ghost cats, Bolivian rams, mollies, guppies, glow light tetras, ottos, and neocaridina shrimp. Looking forward to exchanging ideas and broadening my knowledge base. thanks, Eric
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