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  1. I've never had this happen before, do they just drop them naturally and she'll survive okay?
  2. Okay, its been months now since I've noticed any elements of the fungus on my shrimps. Plenty of shrimps have berried and had babies. However. One of them looks to be having something under them which I believe is eggs she is dropping because it looks a lot different than the fungus had looked previously. I believe it is her first time being berried so maybe she just had a bad go? What do ya'll think? Thanks you.
  3. Its rewarding seeing all my hardwork with the tanks paying off. I think my love for the aquariums has rubbed off on my wife because I catch her checking them out all the time now. 🤣
  4. I picked up a little 5 gallon and have them with some snails to observe them over the next couple months. Want to make sure I keep the rest of my colony safe so I might just keep them there forever and introduce a few males to breed with.
  5. UPDATE: I wanted to add an update to this post because not much information was available except for the one linked. I quarantined the two shrimp with elobiopsidae and put them in a quarantine tub with lots of tannins in the water through almond leaves and I treated daily with the recommended dosage of ich-x due to its antifungal abilities. That along with the biweekly 50% water changes the fungus has disappeared and the shrimp have molted successfully twice. Everything seemed to heal them properly, it just took several weeks.
  6. Thanks for the information, seems to be exactly what I was dealing with. I removed the 2 shrimp that were definitely infected and I'm quarantine with ich-x and high tannins in the water. We will see how that helps. One larger female is for sure berried, it is clearly eggs and all seems to be normal for her. Any recommendations on how to keep the rest of the colony safe? All the treatments seem to put me at risk of losing my whole colony.
  7. I was thinking that too but can't find any information on a fungus that looks like that. Any ideas? I do have tannins in the water as I hear that helps combat fungus.
  8. I'm semi-new to keeping cherry shrimp and after about 4 months I've started to see them breed but have yet to be successful. I have a large female who is berried and it all seems to be contained under her abdomen area and the process seems to be going correctly for her. I have two smaller females and some of their eggs are hanging out of their abdomen, they don't fan their eggs nearly as often and one has been berried now for almost 5 weeks which from what I read is too long. Ill attach a few pictures of the smaller ones. Could the smaller ones eggs maybe not be fetilized? Any ideas? Thanks.
  9. Well I left the lights off yesterday (plants will be fine for a day) and this morning she was seemingly back to normal, eating and swimming around. Learned fish can knock themselves unconscious!
  10. I was doing a water change this morning and one of my fancy guppies must've got a little spooked. She swam pretty hard right into the glass and laid on her side on the substrate. At first I thought she was dead but noticed her breathing. I turned the lights off to let her chill out and now she is up and swimming but seems a little stunned still. Anything I need to lookout for in the next few days to make sure she will pull through? Thanks.
  11. Thanks for your help friend! I'm really enjoying this hobby. Only been at it about half a year and it's so much fun!
  12. What kind of salt you reccomend? Some say Epsom some say others, I see a lot of conflicting info. Also heavily planted tank, will salt kill plants?
  13. Theyre so low, basically negligible. Ammonia consistently reads 0 to maybe a very slight level of green but probably just my eyes playing tricks on me and they stay steady there. Nitrite is the same. All I've read they're well within the safe measure. Says not to do a water change til the maracyn treatment is complete, that'll be Saturday. Thank you.
  14. Ammonia: 0- .10 ppm Nitrite: 0-.10 ppm Nitrate: 5-10 ppm Gh: around 150 ppm Ph: 7.4 I keep it at 78 but upped it a few degrees for now. Figured out how to attach pics for reference.
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