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  1. Yes, Tetras need to be in schools of five or six minimum. Totally agree. But this applies to lots of fish. I guess this is part of learning the whole fish-keeping trade. It is definitely a learning experience with a lot of heart-ache and disappointments but so worth it.
  2. Many moons ago I had two Oscars in a 55. Basically ended up with gravel substrate, several large rocks, and a largish piece of driftwood. I had plastic plants, but every morning they would be floating so I eventually removed them. Also had a biggish common pleco in with them. They spent most of their time wrestling with each other and begging us for food. And they would routinely burrow through the gravel and move it around the tank, hence the reason I eventually removed the fake plants. Oh, I also had a couple of Mystery snails that were too big to eat but they would punt them around the tank like a soccer ball. Not sure how the snails survived. But the Oscars seemed perfectly happy with what I had. So much personality! I love Oscars, but IMO you almost have to have a big, mostly empty, Oscar only tank. Keep in mind, this was a 55 with two 6 inch Oscars and a 4 inch pleco. Bigger tanks give you more options. But Oscars are very busy, inquisitive, destructive fish. They just are. It's like a puppy with a new squeaky toy: they have to remove the squeaker and the stuffing guts... it's just what they do. But you will never find a fish with more personality. Edit: Oh, BTW, I had other fish to start with... once the Oscars got some size... not so much. But the pleco took no crap from the Oscars. Pleco don't care; he has armor plating.
  3. Anyone have issues mixing different types of Tetras? Mine are all similar: Colombian Blues (6), Glotetras (4 - my daughter demanded glowy fish), and five Serpae. But they literally school together most times and never fight. I never kept Tetras prior to this tank time so I honestly don't have that much long term experience with them, but I have absolutely fallen in love with the species. Edit - the Glo's school with the Blues. Truly, except for the color, they look identical. Same build, fin shape, everything. The Serpae's kinda stick together but mix with the rest as often as not.
  4. Very true. I suspect activity level has a lot to do with it as well. I have a very active tank since it is all similar Tetras, Yoyo's, the EBA, and busy bottom dwellers. I think the Serpae's are too busy keeping up with everyone to get into mischief. I wonder if I had a slower moving Angelfish or something similar if I would have problems. Hypothetical... not gonna find out!
  5. Yeah, I agree. Since the Yoyo's seem to have firm control of my MTS I've decided not to worry about it anymore. I know there are still snails since I see the bigger ones occasionally and the loaches, cory's and pleco are a good enough clean-up crew that the population is kept well in check. It is a lot of fun to watch the loaches and EBA burrowing headfirst into the gravel when they sense a snail, though!
  6. From everything I read and watched online, they're like the other similar tetras: fin-nippy and aggressive feeders. I have stayed away from any long-finned fish so I don't have a problem with my Serpae's (notorious nippers). But they are very aggressive feeders despite being the smallest fish in the tank. Not to the other fish but they practically leap out of the water to get at the food. It is Katie bar the door when I feed them.
  7. Was wondering if they could survive without "victims". All I have are MTS and I was considering getting some Assassins to limit their number, but my Yoyo's and EBA seem to have fixed that problem for me.
  8. All beautiful tanks, BTW, despite you know... all the fish Covid. 🙃
  9. Curious, what do you feed your Assassin snails? Do you have to keep bringing in other snails for them? Not a snail I have ever kept, although I think they are awesome.
  10. I have been blessed or lucky to not have to deal with Ich this latest tank foray. But I know how much of a pain it is! Fortunately it is treatable. Since I only have one tank I am slow to add new fish no matter how awesome I think they are. All my current fish are fairly long lived 3-4 years minimum, some closer to 10 so hopefully I won't have to replace any anytime soon. Sending good thoughts your way!
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