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  1. Low tech! I've had a good amount of success with Wendetii Green and Tropica with my set-up...so I'm crossing my fingers that success with two crypt species means success with all! 🤞🤞🤞 She's in a higher light/higher poo area (the feeding happens in that corner of the tank), so that might help, too! We shall see!
  2. I got one, too!!! So fun! 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳
  3. Installed a pink flamingo crypt today from the Co-Op! A little sad that it was only one big rosette (there was a tiny one that I pulled off...hopefully, it will survive on its own! 🤞). Can't wait to see it settle in!!
  4. Me three!!! I was debating some ridiculous/moderately creepy ones... 🤣 I've probably read your journal...post. 🤓📓 Wannabe crypt keeper! 💀🌱 But I decided to keep it tame...signatures are definitely a fun place to show some personality! 😜👍
  5. The different green on the end of the Java Fern looks like new growth to me...not a deficiency! If you had Java fern babies (like I do), that would mean your Java Fern is in distress...and you don't...so, you're already doing better than I am! 😄👍
  6. I'm with @Kirsten! I'd love some plant stickers...and a nerite sticker would be so sweet!!!
  7. Gotta show off my guy, Pete! He's a Salamander Dumbo Halfmoon from Texas! 🤠 He likes wandering the Crypt Forest, napping in the java fern, and exploring the nooks and crannies of the driftwood island. He also likes to attempt to eat algae wafers, but his bites flip the wafer and the corydoras scatter. It's pretty entertaining to watch. 😂
  8. I love the warm lighting in this tank!! It really sets off the driftwood and the foliage! 😍
  9. I know it...it seems odd that you'd have two dosing options when one is clearly more ideal! I am sure your Prime regimen is on point!!! I bet you read the directions properly and are already dosing to perfection (unlike me, haha!)! 😆👍
  10. So...I have to come clean. I am pretty sure I figured out what happened...and it's definitely embarrassing! 😅 I noticed that whenever I did a water change, I'd have at least one rasbora death. It's not a big leap to say: there's something wrong with the new water! I thought it was a disease...then I thought the rasboras just hated me...then I thought it was pH/osmotic stress... Then I was pumping myself up to do a water change, and I reread the back of my dechlorinator (Fluval's Aquaplus). I had been dosing just to remove Chlorine and I thought to myself, "Self, it can't hurt to dose at the second level." And so, I did. And no rasboras died. And none have died since. Moral of my story: Dose high on dechlorinator. Everyone likes protected scales and fins anyway! 😩
  11. @James Black - thanks, friend!! I definitely see what you're saying about 20L! It isn't clear if the L is for long or liters, and the tank is definitely a 20g long...I'll fix that, for sure! Thank ya! 😆👍
  12. Those variegated leaves are 🔥!!! 😆👍
  13. I've been watching Pete like a hawk, and I feel like he's healing well! Slowly...but well! All fin splits have healed, and the top of his lil' noggin looks less orange...so hopefully, his red scales are growing back in! Whenever I read a journal post, I am always interested to know what the water parameters and fertilizing regimens are for the tank...so, I'm going to add mine for people like me (hopefully, I am not the only one! 😂)! Temperature - 76 degrees Fahrenheit pH - 7.4 Ammonia - 0-0.25 ppm (tank is new, so cycle is not 100% stable yet) Nitrate - ~20 ppm Nitrite - 0 ppm GH - 9 degrees KH - 4 degrees Water Source - Tap Water directly from tap (Charlotte, NC) - I'll edit the post to post the water stats of the tap water later! Fertilizers Easy Green - 2 squirts weekly or when nitrate hits below 10 ppm SeaChem Potassium - One capful weekly Water Change Whenever ammonia is 0.5 or higher. Lighting - Fluval 3.0 (see current schedule below - Pink aligns with Warm White)
  14. Just to throw something else out there...I don't use root tabs (only Easy Green and SeaChem Potassium) and I am probably a little too proud of my crypts...but I was curious to see what could be different about our substrates/tank conditions. I agree with @laritheloud! The main thing that stands out for me is the GH. I use a SeaChem Flourite substrate which boasts a high mineral content. I'd be curious to see what would happen if you added crushed coral to your substrate/tank or a Wonder Shell to your tank to raise the GH!
  15. That fish has so much personality! The blue/teal iridescence is prettyyyyy!!!
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