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  1. Hello. We just moved Bobbi, our blue gourami into a new home. Went from 10g to 20g. Planted. The 2 diffences are we put a black background on the new aquarium and we added a small light. She pretty much hangs out down by the ferns 90% of the time. Comes out for food but seems to be staring into the black background most of the time. She used to be more social. Thoughts?
  2. Thanks all. Appreciate the input. Can't wait to read the novel! @gardenman
  3. Hello. My wife and I recently had our plumbing updated in an old house we are rehabbing. We installed all new copper piping. Should we be concerned about copper in our water as it pertains to water changes in our aquariums? We have 2 red eared sliders, 2 tropical tanks and 1 shrimp tank.
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