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  1. @Atitagain Yes, some of the Buce on there have reproduced via rhizomes. No service required, the plants have access to all of it.
  2. Here's an update on the Bucephalandra. Attaching them to a sponge filter works great! The growth i have been getting from having them recieve nutrients directly from the sponge filter has been awesome! A Matten-filter wall of Buce would make for an incredible filter and display!
  3. The first brine shrimp hatch since coming home from my month-long trip! So good to see fry with pink bellies again!
  4. A cool journal! For what its worth, I have seen pathos growing in and around salt water hot springs in Hawaii. Its not worth giving up ok just yet; just a matter of finding the right plant!
  5. @Hobbit So true! But when you're primarily doing aquariums and small potted plants, one can splurge a little on the soil! Filling a whole raised bed with earthworm castings; that would be an eyewatering proposition!
  6. Trying out a new Crypt growing strategy. These are plastic cups with earthworm castings in them (kinda like poor man's aquasoil). We're gonna see how quickly these Crypts can grow. The CPD fry look great! I probably have about 100 CPDs in total right now. My new goal for this aquarium rack is to figure out how to set the system up to give me 1000 CPDs in 4 weeks. An aspirational goal, but I think it is achievable with some tweeking.
  7. @AtitagainYes! The sponge-filter/bucephalandra experiment is going well! Definitely some new growth on the buce!
  8. At long last, an update! I am home, and after a little mx the aquariums are back to looking great! You can see all the CPD fry in the first pic and a second pic of how all the aquariums are doing.
  9. @Vanish Good question. The drain line is removable to allow to the aquarium to slide without being attached to a fix point. When I redo this, I plan on plumbing them to a sump using non-kink hot tub hose like this: https://www.lowes.com/pd/EZ-FLO-1-1-2-in-Inner-Diameter-x-1-ft-PVC-Spa-Flex-Hose/1000180599?cm_mmc=shp-_-c-_-prd-_-plb-_-google-_-plumbing-_-LIA_PLB_142_Pipe-Fittings-_-1000180599-_-0-_-0&ds_rl=1286981&gclid=Cj0KCQjw1ouKBhC5ARIsAHXNMI_iyA9QRYTS8ZcBELNB4X52uGljllhIOezynLDI08RlI5tqqthIWAoaAjEKEALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds Happy to answer any microfauna questions!
  10. @AtitagainYour profession explains why your fish room set up looks so clean! I have to say, I am very flattered to hear you say I have carpentry experience. Im actually self-taught through 10 years of projects and YouTube, mostly building aquarium-related stuff. Very glad to hear you're enjoying me thread, I am enjoying yours as well!
  11. @AtitagainThank you for your kind words, I am happy to answer your questions. I sell both fish and shrimp, generally on aquabid. . 1) Your up and running 6 months now right?, any wish I would’ve or minor changes you would make if you started over? -Yes it has been up for about 6 months now.. Since I am always tinkering, when, not if, I do it over again I will use Gladiator shelving instead of wood. I think this will make it more functional and easier to assemble/disassemble. A cleaner look, too. 2) Are you using slides as much as anticipated? Yes! More than anticipated actually. It makes it so much easier to clean, plant plants, and catch critters! 3) what’s the clearance between bottom tanks and cross brace for top level? Looks 3-4” any issues with that? I believe its about 4in. No issues since the aquariums slide out. 4) what is the overall footprint? Closed then open? Is approximately 60inx27in if I remember correctly. The aquariums add about another 16ish inches when pulled out. I do have a show tank that I have not posted about on here before since it is in a state of being redone. It is a 180 gallon rimless planted. Here is a picture of it when it was at its "peak" about a year ago. Its a slice of heaven for a lucky group of danios and white clouds. I'll be posting more pics of it in the future when I get home from my trip since it is almost ready to show off again.
  12. I agree with @Struggle, having no other critters in the fry tank offers the best chance for success. One thing that can help to make sure your fish are actually breeding is removing the eggs with a siphon and checking for their presence with a flashlight. This video offers an excellent demonstration and is a good video about breeding egg scattering fish.
  13. Just a friendly tip, but personally, I would remove the snails and shrimp. I find I have much better success with White Clouds and CPDs in a setup without them which leads me to believe they are egg eaters.
  14. I know there has not been a post in awhile on this thread. I've been traveling for work and I haven't seen my aquariums. My spouse informs me they are doing very well and the babies are growing up. I will be posting more when I return home.
  15. Moved the latest batch of golden white clouds to their growout tank. There are approximately 65 of them! Can't wait to see them as a large, grown up school.
  16. I've been on vacation in Hawaii (Big Island) the past few days; what a site to see for aquarium/terrarium lovers! Lush forests, amazing terrain, and even a fish farm! I checked out Hawaii Tropical Fish Gardens, an outdoor breeding facility, and was not disappointed! They have outstanding guppies, swordtails, angels, goldfish, and plants. Worth a stop if you're on the Big Island!
  17. Danio erythromicron, the "Emerald Dwarf Rasbora" is actually a very purple fish when well-fed and happy. If you have a small, well planted tank, that fish plus a betta would make for a nice "purple fish" setup.
  18. Lucania goodei is such an amazing and easy to spawn fish! It's like a Pencil Fish you can collect in the wild! Its a mystery to me why there are not more of them in the hobby.
  19. Next group of fry are starting to emerge! Appears to be mostly CPDs in this batch, we shall see what develops.
  20. Happy New Week all! The crypt beds are starting to look amazing; a field of pink with fry hovering above! The second batch of Golden White Cloud fry are almost ready for the grow out tank. There's probably about 50 of them for this batch.
  21. Just a few quick updates. 1. The worm farm crashed, so I am restarting it. It probably needs more than 2L of water for how heavily I was feeding it. 2. The Lucanea goodei fry are even larger than their older white cloud tank mates! 3. The Bucephalandra is doing very well on the sponge filters.
  22. @Beardedbillygoat1975Outstanding! I am very much looking forward to your results!
  23. @Streetwise Dumping mulm into aquariums is always a good idea in moderation. LRB Aquatics even sells his mulm on his website!
  24. @Streetwise Thank you! We'll see how it goes, I've been curious if this is a good way to grow them. "Hot rodding" the sponge filter with some additional "green filtration".
  25. Reinvesting the proceeds from fish and shrimp sales into some Bucecephalandra. I'm going to try and grow them on the sponge filters. My theory is that as the sponge filters accumulate mulm, this will act as a steady source of nutrients for these slow-growing plants to encourage fast growth.
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