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  1. Oh that podcast also has an interview with an ichthyologist that works with gobies
  2. Hey everyone, I found this podcast a few days ago and they had a episode on planaria I thought everyone might be interested in. *There is adult language and jokes in this podcast* https://open.spotify.com/episode/75MgGOgwYZj1w0H2Et2Dm6?si=flxrFWnORGWW67sQ30PYwg&utm_source=copy-link
  3. Hey everyone, So I recently had Camallanus redworm nearly wipe out my tank. All of the fish are now in QT and being treated with expel-P. I have done some research on Camallanus life cycle and it seems that it needs a intermediate host (Cyclops, copepods, etc) to infect fish. I have been trying to find info about the viability of using UV sterilizers to either directly kill Camallanus larvae ,which are free swimming until they infect the intermediate host, or kill any intermediate hosts that my be living in the tank. This would defiantly not do any good for my fish that are already infected but I am trying to prevent another outbreak after treating my sick fish. If anyone has found any info that might help me I would greatly appreciate it.
  4. I was able to take these today from what I can see it looks like it is coming from between the scales. He is still swimming around fine and eating.
  5. Hey everyone, so I noticed today that my betta has some sort of growth near its dorsal fin. As the pictures show the growth is very round and white, it does not look fuzzy. I think it is some sort of growth or tumor but I am not 100% sure. My water parameters are pH 6.5, KH 0 ppm, GH 200 ppm, Nitrite 0 ppm, Nitrate 10 ppm, Ammonia 0 ppm, Temp 80 F. The tank has been up and running for about 4 months now. Any help identifying the issue and possible solutions would be great thank you!
  6. Hey Everyone, I have a heavily planted 75 gallon community tank. I currently have rummynose tetras, dwarf chain loaches,otocinclus catfish, a pair of German blue rams, a female bristlenose pleco and a clown pleco. I have fallen in love with plecos and am looking to add another small pleco to my tank I am thinking something 6 inches and under. I have been looking online for for ideas but most websites I have found just list bristlenose, clown and rubberlip plecos. If anyone has any suggestions for small plecos that can be added to my tank I would love to hear them!
  7. I'm assuming shrimp would be a no go in a tank with Rams and Angelfish? I figured small shrimp like ghost and rainbow would definitely get eaten but what about something bigger like bamboo shrimp?
  8. I was also wondering this I recently purchased a 75 and was unsure about the number of angelfish and rams to put in it. Everything I can find online says they are great tank mates but doesn't give any advice on group size for either.
  9. I got my new 75 gallon set up in the living room. Spent all day setting up the scape and planting my aquarium co-op plants. Thinking about a community tank with sterbai corys, rummny nose tetras, and either German blue rams or Bolivian rams. Also considering smaller pleco such as a clown pleco.
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