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  1. Thank you for confirming that the food and tank parameters. I did not know they tend to overeat the good stuff:)) Will pay attention to that in the future! Sadly our fish left us last night...
  2. The water is pH6 but we only have basic pH test paper. Maybe we should go get a water parameter test kit.
  3. Thank you. Just tried. He's not eating.
  4. I guess one more question is woud you suggest keep throwing food in there like usual when he's so sick..? Thanks!
  5. Hi Mr_Manifesto, I have had him for four months. The water temperature is around 79F. We always fed him FLUVIAL bug bites. But 3-4 days ago we tried feeding him frozen blood worms. He ate three blood worms on the first day. Seemed to like it. We stopped the FLUVIAL bug bites after he started eating the frozen worms. I am testing the water parameters now. Thank you for your reply!
  6. Hi James, no the fish is not eating. Should I keep feeding him..? I have had him for four months. He never had a mouth this swollen. The water temperature is around 79F. I put in the antibacterial medication and acquarium salt yesterday. Now he seems to be getting worse... There are more holes on his fin.
  7. Thank you Colu! I believe what I got from Petco is antibacterial medication. Now I'll go get some aquarium salt and see if it helps. Thanks!!!
  8. We have a Koi betta fish and is sick for some reason. The pictures of his current condition is in the attached links. He has a very swollen lip and holes in the fins. https://drive.google.com/file/d/19GWQrXi7A5ssy1wYk0-BAfduDWoz2kwG/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/file/d/1h8dZDO7iwpheXCYqWYNdOXq8TRA137eF/view?usp=sharing What would you recommend us to do to save him? We just bought Microbe-lift Artemiss-natural expellant for bacterial diseases from Petco. We were advised to add it into our 4-gallon tank and change 75% of tank water for 3 days straight. Could someone give some advise? Thank you!
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