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  1. Hey Cory! I watched your how to YouTube video for setting up your sponge filter. Thank for the easy explanation! Question though: When staking these filters, does the air stone still need to be at the very top of the top filter? Will that provide enough of a pull through all stacked sponges? Thanks!
  2. I think so? But not the worm like ones, just the smaller ones. They are so tiny it was hard to capture on camera. At first I thought they were air bubbles or something, like when you add new water and the bubbles get stuck to the glass. They seem to be mostly congregating on my newly added driftwood, which I boiled for a couple hours before adding. I also added two new plants recently. Before today, I didn’t notice them. any chance they are something to be concerned about? My fish don’t seem to be interested in eating them. I have yo-yo loaches, mystery snail, albino super red pleco, and Glo tetras. I would love to get shrimp, but I think they would end up expensive food for my loaches
  3. Thanks! Oh good! I’ve been so worried! This growth is about eight days worth, which seemed crazy fast! I don’t know the exact GH because I use test strips, but I believe it is between 250-300ppm, according to the color I get on the strips. The wonder shell is a calcium addition in the water, I believe, but sounds like I should feed calcium as well?
  4. Any clue what these white things are? They appear to be swimming, and they do not look worm like at all.
  5. My magenta mystery snail seems to be growing very rapidly and not coloring in, or something is wrong with his shell. He (I think) is our first snail. He is acting normally, moving around a lot and eating. I have a wonder shell in the aquarium, moderately hard to hard water, ph 7.4, kh around 20-40. No nitrites or nitrates, ammonia is between 0 and .25, but I’m finishing a maracyn treatment and I don’t want to change the water. I have today and tomorrow left for the treatment. Unfortunately the fish I was treating passed this morning 😞 Any advice? Is this normal growth or should I be concerned?
  6. Yes, they aren’t very blue yet or maybe they won’t be very blue. They are only one inch long, not including fins, so maybe they are still too young? It isn’t letting me upload any videos for some reason?
  7. Great, thanks! Perhaps I need to just be more patient... sigh...
  8. Brandy! Tell me more about this forehead shape thing, haha! I was thinking the same as you originally or two females maybe? I don’t know at what age they start really differentiating.
  9. Thanks James! I’m thinking this original photo might make the fish’s fin look pointier than it is because it was moving. Maybe this photo is a little better? It’s a little hard with the background, but it does appear a little more rounded in real life. Do you know at what age they start differentiating?
  10. Hello! I’m new here and loving all the great information! I was sold a pair of juvenile electric blue rams. Now that they’re a little older, I’m wondering if they are actually two females or still too young to identify. Looking for some help, please. (Excuse the fish poop!) Also, as of the past couple of days, they have been interlocking mouths for a few seconds and acting slightly more aggressively towards each other from time to time. Then other times they just swim together. Thank you!!
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