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  1. I just received this plant. I was expecting a bulb but got multiple stems with roots. I know there’s nothing wrong and no complaints, I just need help in what to do with it so it grows and develops it’s own bulb. Anyone?
  2. I think I have way too much surface agitation for floaters. The water sprite I tried did not fair well
  3. It’s 2.5 years old and 38 gallons. I added some plants in January and some at the end of February. I’m using Easy green liquid and also thrive root Tabs. I recently started adding flourish and iron occasionally. I will change the light schedule and give it some time
  4. ***edit*** I should mention I have 10 cardinal tetras, 6 Corys and 6 amano shrimp in their way to my tank next week. I should probably get this figured out!*** So, I thought I Was doing well. I don’t have a massive algae explosion or anything. However, I think I’m realizing my plants are growing a lot slower than they should. Also, because they aren’t growing well, they aren’t using the nitrates up. At all. I did a water change a week ago and they are testing red. I’m not super consistent with the ferts as far as exact same day every week, but I have been doing it twice a week for the last 3 weeks. Before I started dosing a 2nd time, plants weren’t growing at all so I think twice is needed. The 1 thing I’m going to change is my light schedule. I was doing 8am-12pm and again from 5pm - 10pm. I’m going to switch to a solid 8 hours from 4pm-12am. See how that affects things. I have the octopus plant(3), java moss mats (2), a very wimpy and not doing well vallisneria, 4-5 Anubias plants. A cryptocoryne, 2 dwarf lilies (dropped in same time and one is an inth of the size of the other), a Christmas moss bridge and a Tiger lotus. Does anyone have any thoughts?
  5. The biggest issue with staggering the add is that the shipping is flat rate $12.99 so I really want to get them all at once, rather than pay that fee 3 times. especially if it does not go well with the amano shrimp with an angelfish!
  6. I have a 38 gallon, 2.5 year old established tank. Stock is currently 1 Angelfish (docile nature), 3 glofish tetras and 2 albina cory cats. I'm intending to add 10 cardinal tetras, 6 Julii corys, and 6 Amano shrimp. I over filter the tank (its high flow) by using a aqua clear 75 as well as a spongefilter. Would it be okay to add all of the new stock at once as I believe the cycle will adjust fairly quickly?
  7. Thank you for all of the suggestions everyone! I kind of figured I was rather stuck with Tetras and corys as tankmates for this angelfish.
  8. My angel mowed my single Val plant to 1/3 of the size it came as. Won’t leave the Val OR my octopus plant alone ugh
  9. I guess add to what I already have because there is nothing else I can really do. I love my friends, I just don’t want to add the same things.
  10. Opinions? 38 gallon tank established 2 years. I have an angel fish, 3 glofish tetras and 2 albino Corys. While I realize the tetras and Corys both need more friends, I don’t want to replace the fallen friends as I’m ready for something different. With what is already in my tank, what are some suggestions? I’m definitely thinking 6 juul Corys. I have a bunch of snails but the angel is snacking on them so they won’t last. I want shrimp but I need more plant coverage I think. also I have 2 java moss mats I put in just the way they came soI can grow them out some. All plants are new since January so all are babies. A Christmas moss bridge, several anubias, 2 crypts, the octopus plant in 2 bunches, a floating water sprite, 2 moss balls, 2 dwarf lilies and a vallisneria. Sounds like a lot but my tank still looks naked. I don’t know if I should buy more plants or wait for these to grow and see how they do first?
  11. I don't work for aquarium co-op, I'm just another customer. I am just curious why you would be upset with a refund rather than a replacement with the weather going on across the country? I'd have thought giving you a refund and letting you re-order a little later when things are warmer and your plant wouldn't die a 2nd time due to shipping delays that aquarium co-op has no control over would be the best way to go for everyone involved. A lot of people lost live plants AND animals in this mess. USPS won't even accept live animals in the seattle area right now until things improve. Just something to think about that may make you feel better.
  12. I had a 10 gallon tank 15 years ago and learned about the nitrogen cycle then. I have a 38 gallon now and I’m all set cycle wise. 2 years established tank. 1 angel, 2 albino Corys, and 3 glofish tetras. This post is not about my stock or my nitrogen cycle water parameters. Information offered before I’m asked lol. Problem is that my Asperger, OCD, seasonal affective disorder brain decided getting into plants was necessary. What.A.Nightmare. I have no idea what I’m doing, I’m in too deep to stop, and now I find out there is no rule book. My brain is short circuiting. all of my plants Came from aquarium co-op. They are beautiful now because I’ve only had some for a little over a month, some for a few days which probably wasn’t enough time to ruin them yet. I have several anubias, 2 crypts, the octopus plant, a vallisneria, floating water sprite, 2 dwarf lily bulbs, Christmas moss bridge and 2 java moss mats I haven’t done anything with just yet. They are pretty and I don’t want to do something I’ll regret. I pitched the java ferns I had because they looked horrible and I got sick of looking at them. i dose with Easy green occasional but not regularly because I have no idea what I’m supposed to be doing. I had gravel I hated and wanted to change to eco complete. No one answered my questions about whether I should take out old gravel or leave it. So I shoved it all to one end of the tank and laid eco complete down. Then I covered it all with big pebbles cuz why not. I like the hill it made. Now I don’t know if that was wrong too. Oh and I buried root Tabs in the substrate and in the individual easy planters I’m using. Here’s to the guessing game as to whether the roots will smell the food I buried and grow towards that. I like the idea of the easy planters so I bought 4. I don’t like them. I feel like I’m using them wrong. Oh I bought flourish today too because someone said we need micronutrients too so here’s another thing I bought that I probably won’t know if I should use but I was responsible and it’s on my shelf. How in the world do you people get beautiful tanks in the chia’s off information that may or may not apply to you. sorry I needed to get that all of my chest. Carry on
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