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  1. I noticed today that my java fern has little sectors with pores in the middle of the leaves. also some of the newer leaves developed dark tips in the last day or two (or at least i just noticed) ammonia is <0.25 (probably 0) nitrate is 5-10 ph 7.8, i use a little seachem equilibrium, 0.5g/gallon.
  2. Hi all, I've settled on a ~15 gallon tank for my upgrade and I'm now thinking about substrate. I'm looking at Flourite, either the normal dark brown or the "red". Does any one use these with blue shrimp? How does it look? The reason I don't want black is because my blue shrimp would be invisible on it as they're very dark. Any other recommendations? Ideally small gravel that blue shrimp will contrast with. I plan on planting, but most of my current plants (java fern anubias mosses) don't root into substrate so I'm thinking Flourite is overkill in terms of cost/benefit.
  3. It kinda looks like wire conduit bolted to a tin can
  4. I did see someone make a circuit to periodically draw higher current to keep the battery bank awake. It ran at 2% duty so that lowers wasted power from 500mW to 1mW. If you're comfortable with electronics I think the best solution is to double the current sense resistor in your battery bank. Cheap and easy.
  5. I've been trying to figure out the same thing and am getting conflicting information on the internet. One of Cory's videos mentions that the Borneo is smaller. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say though!
  6. I got my USB nano pump and like all things the first thing I did was take it apart. I was surprised to find this 51 ohm resistor in parallel with the pump. (I also recognized the motor/pump under the silicone sleeve as one I already had several of for another project. oops!) I noodled over why that was there some tonight, and I think its because the pump doesn't sink enough current to be detected by most USB battery banks. Without the resistor most power packs will auto-shutoff. If you're running two or more off the same battery or have a USB "UPS" instead of battery bank you really don't need this resistor and can clip this resistor off to get about 2.5x more battery life (when fully loaded, more if there's not much air restriction) off of a battery backup. You can also clip the resistor if you just want to save 1/2 watt of power consumption. Some googling also turned up the little known feature of /some/ usb battery banks. If you turn it on and hold the button for 3s it won't auto shut off. I tried it on my battery bank with no success so YMMV.
  7. Just a note, if trapped air is the source of bubbles then every bubble means less trapped air and it should go away on its own.
  8. I don't know many bacteria that die at cold temperatures above freezing so you're probably good there. As for insulating your tank, everyone's conditions are different so I think the best way to figure it out is empirically. wrap it up and cut the heater (and your house heat) and measure how fast it cools with a digital thermometer. You can stop the experiment early at whatever you think your minimum safe temperature is.
  9. This can happen with pumps if there's a small leak on the negative pressure side and its pulling air in.
  10. looks like the next size up is the 16g. it really does look awesome though. but 200$ and it may be a bit too big for where i want to put it.
  11. I got 7 shrimp last Monday and i incessantly count them. I lost one the first night and pulled the corpse out and have been counting 5 ever since --- multiple times a day; I look at all angles until I can find all 5. I always assumed the 6th escaped when moving them into my tank. Today I just checked and there's 6! It's a Christmas miracle. For the life of me I can't figure out where the 6th could have been hiding. I don't have any caves. everything is visible from one angle or the other. I used my first feeding of bacter ae last night and I heard that can get some shy shrimp out of hiding. I guess its true! So there's payoff after all. If you keep counting you may end up with an extra one day.
  12. I went to buy a petco 10g tank but when i looked at it it looked like someone threw 5 pieces of glass and a bottle of silcone in a rock tumbler and sold what came out. my super cheap 5g tank has very tight nice beads of black silicone that are not ugly at all but these petco ones are pretty bad. I'm not considering this one https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07KL9H476/ which is a lot more expensive but quite nice looking. Does anyone else have suggestions for a good 10g tank that isn't sloppily put together?
  13. Looking at the dimensions you could cram a mini into the hole of the large to get a large with the medium hole. I think some people just rubber band or zip tie around the top too.
  14. Ah. with 3/3 tap water I looked up my guppies and shrimp and depending on the website the "minimum" GH was 6-8ish so I added seachem equilibrium until i got up to GH6 (turned out to be 0.5g/gallon, yeah mixed units but my bucket has gallons and my weight scale has grams). That was little enough that it didn't put anything else out of wack. I thought about the wondershell but i wanted potassium for my plants (which is a big part of equilibrium) and I'm a control freak and can't control how much a shell adds.
  15. 144 mg/L is 8dGH. seems hard enough for most things right? I bet the wood won't change ph much. I have softer water with less carbonate and it didn't move mine any as far as i can tell.
  16. I always thought it was weird to have a blue "night" mode. Blue penetrates water the best so I always assumed fish could see it the best too. One thing I don't see very often (ever?) is advertising red vs far red lights. Controlling the ratio can control whether plants think they're shaded and therefore if they grow straight up or outwards more.
  17. Oh wow mine is 3kh 3gh here in new castle/east renton highlands. I believe a gh of 12 puts you in the hard water category. Maybe you have something in your tank adding hardness? I've heard people say that kh buffers ph and you should have something like 4 or 5 but I don't know how important that really is.
  18. I assume the 214.8 for gH means it too 12 drops and the 2 for kH is also two drops. IIRC both those kits are 1 degree [hadress/carbonate] per drop. You can look up what each of those parameters means to your fish in terms of ideal ranges but other than that they are just numbers. You need to ask a question of those numbers before they can be interpreted. I think they do sound like plausible tap water numbers if that is what you're asking.
  19. Heh, yeah okay. Guppies seem pretty energetic and its hard for me to tell whats just guppy machismo and whats real aggression asides from biting which is pretty obvious. Yeah I had the water lower but then got worried about O2 and turned it up. I've got a micro pump and air stone coming so maybe I'll just turn it back down and run the air stone too if for no other reason than alleviate my paranoia.
  20. I added a guppy(orange) and the yellow one was very interested in the new guppy. when I released it there was one or two nips then just a lot of posturing and headbutting but not biting so I turned the lights off and put a towel over the tank until morning to let them cool off. Its been just under a day now and things seem better but they still seem standoffish. Is this okay behavior or should I try and mitigate it? I was thinking of putting the yellow fish in time-out for a day or two to reset its territorial claims, which i read can fix the problem, but isn't sure fire. I don't have another tank so I was just going to float him in a basket with opaque walls.
  21. Yeah, IIRC the shelves are particle board with some laminated coating. They might not do well with water. you could replace those with 2x4 cut to size or marine ply wood or just keep an eye on the shelves and act accordingly if you see the particle board swelling. There's also a version that has heavy wire mesh instead of wood shelves. I'd still put some thing over the wire like plywood so its level under your tanks in that case.
  22. that's about 100lb per tank or 200lb per shelf. That's pretty modest for freestanding shelves. I wouldn't get the plastic ones because they tend to weaken over time. Even the wire ones would work though. But, I'd get the steel ones with wood shelf inserts. Costco has a version i like for misc garage use that hold 1000+lb/shelf iirc. I would also anchor them to the wall just in case. The thought of one tipping... 😬 but maybe I'm just paranoid. EDIT: this is the kind I'm thinking of. It's sold under a million different brands. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Gladiator-5-Tier-Steel-Garage-Storage-Shelving-Unit-with-EZ-Connect-48-in-W-x-72-in-H-x-24-in-D-GARK485XGG/301657823#product-overview The link is for a 24" deep one but they sell 18" deep ones at costco for < 100$ last i checked (admittedly a couple years since I've bought one)
  23. I didn't mean leaks. I meant if there was too much pressure you'd want the lid to break much sooner than the walls of the bottle which can handle quite a bit of pressure. Failing at a safer pressure is a good thing and probably less clean up too.
  24. The two bottle approach in nice because its self regulating too. I'd imagine if you dumped the full dose of baking soda and citric acid you could get a bottle to explode and it would be quite dramatic. But, I also assume a drilled bottle cap is also much weaker and would fail first, which is probably for the best.
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