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  1. So I have aguppy with a red spot on his tail and he's having trouble swimming---moving his body back and fourth instead of kicking he tail like the others.  I don't think its the shimmies and he's also got a red dot on his tail that I don't know if its bad or not.  It's hard to photograph but here's my best shot.


    During feeding time and he came out but wasn't strong enough to get any food.  Right now, he's laying on his belly in the bottom under some plants gasping. 

    Everyone else in the tank (7 cardinals and 2 guppies are happy)

    TDS is 150, which is pretty typical for my tank, maybe even on the high side, which is why I don't think its the shimmies since he would have done it in the past 7 months if that was the case.



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  2. On 10/20/2021 at 9:13 AM, Hobbit said:

    Nice! Hmm, I wonder if the fry have a higher survival rate in a tub just because it’s darker. I didn’t have any fry survive with the parents in my 10 gallon until I took the parents out. There was a pretty decent amount of plant cover too.

    I had a bunch of water lettuce and water hyacinth all of which had crazy roots.  probably 60% of the volume was unswimmable by the parents.  the baby rice fish hung out in the clear pockets on the surface and the baby white clouds hid down below.  Also the rice fish parents for whatever reason were happy enough to mate but never ate well in the tub, perhaps they were just old, but i lost all but 1 of the parents by the end of summer.   All 6 starter white clouds did fine before I gave them away.  I'm pretty sure 80% of the fry in that tub didn't make it but a good number still did. 

    To update the grow out tank.  I've moved them to their new tub digs  I hope they like it.  I got the auto feeder on kinda light for now until i figure out how they'll settle.  It's horrible timing but I'm going out of town for 3 days.  but even 3 days of doing nothing is less food in more water than if they stayed in that 2g.


    Hopefully when I get back I'll have some fat, or at least living fish.  We'll see. 🙂



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  3. Yeah the long term plan is to pick the best 10ish to put in my back yard tub pond or maybe a new pond if i can ever get around to digging it.  The rest will be sold or culled if there's something obviously wrong.


    My half wine barrel had about 50 fish in it over summer just by me not doing anything (also medaka and white clouds) including water changes.

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  4. Yeah The plan was to move them to a garage tub (17g) last week but stuff happens and I didn't,  hopefully it'll be ready tonight for a move tomorrow.  I'm considering rigging auto water changes too but I don't have a good waste water plan yet.  I'm going to move them probably tomorrow, and float the water sprites.  I may just leave the penny wort in its rock wool unless that's not okay (its okay right?).  I also have a tiger lotus bulb that i'm going to try out in a dirted pot but i'm going to leave that in a 5g bucket until I'm confident its not going to ammonia bomb the tub

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  5. The only counter point I'd give to the above is that hardhats are made from HDPE and sometimes PP.  Both of those are notoriously hard to stick stuff to.  So I'd worry more about the adhesive on the sticker.  Maybe test it with a sticker you like less for a while?  You could even peel the outline of the sticker off and test that.

  6. Thought I'd share my DIY light for my 5g tank.  I wanted to see my rice fish from above so I ditched the lid and made this light instead.  Its growing flame moss and floaters quite well.


    I took a couple feet of this [1] (probably <2$ worth) left over from a project and slid a generic ebay "COB" style daytime running light for cars (~$2.50) into the housing.  It came out really well.  I think the light level is just right for what I've got here.  If you turn the voltage up past 12 V (a running car would be close to 14) it gets VERY bring VERY fast too.  If the specs are to be trusted its about 350 lumins (Directed straight down) and 7000k color temperature.




    Here's a photo of the light module. 



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  7. At least for me, my defective ones don't register hardly any difference between ph 6 and 8.  While extreme accuracy isn't important here, we also don't want to be measuring time with a stopped clock.

    But for me this is a "clock" that I don't really need so I didn't bother returning the strips.  After seeing corey's test I'm pretty confident that my next batch of strips will be okay.

  8. I have the same issue. it always reads under 7 for me. 


    I found a reproducible condition and Corey had the lab test it. it worked in their lab so I think some of them have bad pH pads. 

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  9. I have an open bag of this stuff in my back yard.  it says "moisture control" but i don't see any white spots or rocky stuff.  just looks like black dirt to me.


    EDIT: I'm trying to put it all together last minute because ACO ships too darn fast and my stuff is already here! 😛



  10. I wanted one higher up (so you could see it past some hardscape) but not floating so i put a plant weight around it and it "stood" on its roots about 2" above a hidden cholla wood I keep back there for my shrimp and otos.  I went to move it a couple weeks later and apparently it had other plans and was firmly attached "floating" above that wood.

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  11. I know they don't like plants going out like that, but I'd check the roots too.  The truth is that the leaves may have been destined to die back since they grow above water at the farm.  In the warehouse they get a few days to a week(s) to melt back and regrow,  so technically you're getting a plant that's one step closer to being happy submerged (assuming big healthy roots).


    But yeah I can see being unhappy with that so I'd ask their support.  But don't throw it away see what happens 😉

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