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  1. Hello folks, I will keep you posted - I'm interested in learning more. The photos on the sponge filter are of the largest freshwater blob / sponges. Really nothing new in the tanks. Just my snail breeding tanks, both have shrimp, one with the smaller blob on the silk plants also has mini Cory's who seem to be breeding much to my surprise. If they grow or change I will let you know and if anyone finds out any info on them please pass it along. I found it funny that the one thing we had about it stated that it's a really clean tank that produces them. Imagine with me what I see everyday - one 40 gallon stocked with half a dozen orange shrimp, 10-12 adult Mystery snails in purple and magenta, a kiss breeder with floating egg clutches and about 60 hatched Mystery snails, 4 adult pygmy corys with 3 noticeable offspring. Now go with me to the morning and sometimes evening feeding where I LOAD them up on an assortment of foods, veggies and some ready made and home made food. - basically overfeeding the snails with the other inhabitants there to help clean up. It's bare bottomed except for a large terra cotta pot - air stone in the bottom and covered with sand, gravel and crushed coral. a few other things in there for hiding and growing plants. It's typically filthy - so the clean comment kinda threw me. The second tank is highly populated with red railer shrimp, Japanese trapdoor, and a few types of rabbit snails - all breeding like crazy with my same typical over feeding. So the whole live , freshwater sponge thing is quite a mystery. Unless something came in on the vegetables. Most recently they are from my sisters garden and she does not use any chemicals.
  2. Wow - thanks all, that is wild and wacky - now after being in the hobby since the early '70's I'm learning something new again. - This happens daily BTW I love learning. Happy fish keeping to you all! PS I hope they are harmless.
  3. Photos of the blob: Hi, here are a couple snap shots of the blob. Note the bubble like structure - not flat like rams horn or pond snail's eggs. Some are hanging on live plants. The filter in the picture is Aquarium Co-Op's large. The leaf is a silk plant for cover in my Purple & Magenta Mystery Snail home. THANK YOU FOR YOUR HELP!
  4. Thanks for your response. I am breeding snails on purpose. It's my COVID small business/income plan. Also gives me lots of peace. I have two Pea Puffer tanks breeding so they appreciate the culling. Anyway - your tanks sound amazing enjoy your snail free tanks. I would recommend Nerve snails to you if you want a good cleaning crew that won't multiply. They need salt in their water to breed. They do great in freshwater and live a very long time.
  5. Hi, I'm a perplexed snail farmer. I have a 40 gallon with 3 types of rabbit snails, many Japanese trap door snails, a few stow away pond snails, and an exploding population of red rilli shrimp. I saw a small clear blob - not snail eggs - on some guppy grass. I pulled the grass out. Today I see huge ones - big as a quarter - but circular like a bubble attached to my awesome Aquarium Co-Op sponge filter. Is it a type of parasite? I have looked around on the internet and every thing I find says snail eggs. I know better that is not what it is. Especially given the type of snails in that tank. Plus the first bloobs I saw were less than pea size - today three large blobs on the sponge filter. HELP -- save me from the blobs!!!! (Thank you in advance!)
  6. My newest trick - that I can't take credit for because I saw it online. I would credit the person, but I don't remember who it was. If you are setting up a bare bottom tank, you can make the bottom look really nice. I got the paint at a big box hardware store, it's the stuff that looks like stone when you spray it. Turn the tank upside down and spray the bottom. It may need a few light coats. Don't try to get it all on at once. When you do it blasts the paint around and you get bare spots. I used a color called Sepia and it looks just like sand. It has flecks of white, beige, black and well sand color. I really like how it turned out. I'm breeding snails and the Mystery snails are really messy. Their tank is now bare bottom. I do put a bowl of gravel, sand and crushed coral in for them, and plants - but maintenance is super simple.
  7. It should be fine - don't drastically change temp to ice cold or anything. Like James said it will be fine, just keep it wet.
  8. What have I done?!? I need advice. I was going to increase the amount of coral in my tanks. I have lots of snails, I am breeding. I thought I was being smart and saving money. I bought the oyster shell/coral mix intended to feed chickens. The table says it is 100% either oyster shell or coral. It also says it was heated. Anyone have experience with this thrifty way to add buffer and calcium. I put some in a tank of snails and a couple snails died off. I did not rinse it. It is the only change and I pretty much never have deaths. I did a water change. I don't know if the new stuff is the problem or not. I am looking for advice!
  9. I breed snails - I'm getting the inventory up so I can start shipping in the spring. I live in Northern US where it's to cold to snail-mail right now. Here are my favorites (I have 7 varieties). The Magenta and Purple Mystery Snails are the most beautiful to me. Aqua Ter .
  10. Is there already a net that holds water with it. I raise Dwarf Puffers. I ordered a wet/net from Aquatic arts but its to small. Anyone have any ideas? The little guys have to stay submerged all the time. If it does not exist yet -- any cleaver ideas folks?? Thanks!
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