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  1. @xXInkedPhoenixXI don't use wifi timers...too many wifi devices can cause issues and I don't trust many smaller built in wifi products made in China to be secure. I was tempted to try the wifi outlets from Aquarium Coop, but will probably stick with a manual timer for now. I do like the Bluetooth lights I have. Maybe there's a bluetooth timer...
  2. I'll try a timer. Does it remember the color and white settings when turning back on using a timer? I've been spoiled with some of the new lights with an app on my phone where I can schedule the lighting. It has really helped maximize lighting without growing algae. I can also set it to get brighter when I know I'll be looking at the aquariums (in the morning and evening) without having it too bright all day.
  3. I like the flex with the curved front, but there are some things it suffers from that many of these all in one setups have in common. We have the 15. - Flow is way too high and no way to adjust on the pump. We also got the mods listed above. I drilled extra holes in the spray bar and may try also adding a sponge filter on it to diffuse the flow some. It's still way too much for a betta, so we moved the betta. - The light has a cheap remote. I wish it just had a switch to turn it on. If anyone knows of an aftermarket light mod, let me know. 🙂 - The back chamber has some extra plastic that makes adding sponges on the left side odd. There's plenty of space though! 🙂 - The intake screens have too large of gaps. We used the modded ones, but I wish I could easily put sponges somehow. It's a cool tank and works for us. Because of the high flow and size, I ended up being able to swap it and let the betta use a smaller aquarium. The ricefish seem to like it a lot and play in the water flow it seems...
  4. Awesome! I love how you go above and beyond Cory. I'll go order some more since I just used the last one and leave a review. I think my shrimp are doing amazing in part from these Wonder Shells. Our Bellingham water supply is soft and I have ADA Aquasoil in with the shrimp. Added some crushed coral to the filter as well. The Coop Cherry Shrimp have been pumping out a lot of shrimplets!
  5. From what I understand, they can do wonders! Joking aside...the ingredients are listed for the brand mentioned above. We're not supposed to link to other competitor websites or we could list the ingredients here. Not sure if those are the exact ones Aquarium Coop sells. Irene mentions using them to harden water. You can find this video and more reading material on the product page: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/wonder-shell?variant=17781862404 There are other topics in these forums for Wonder Shell and it might be a long process to read about what all these ingredients do individually, but then also in combination with other things. If your water is hard already, the shells might not dissolve very fast, but I don't think it would hurt anything either. (Someone correct me if I'm wrong) I've used them in the past, and more recently. I think they are fine for adding some minerals and likely help shrimp, snails, and fish when the source of water doesn't contain some of the minerals the Wonder Shell adds. Do you already know your water parameters? The new test strips are useful to track your water parameters easily: https://www.aquariumcoop.com/products/aquarium-co-op-multi-test-strips?_pos=2&_psq=test strips&_ss=e&_v=1.0 @CoryDo you know the brand of Wonder Shell Aquarium Coop sells and can the ingredients be added to the product page? The Wonder Shells do have many ingredients and possible effects. Thanks!
  6. Thanks for all the feedback! We did end up using a piece of plexiglass and will use a towel for water changes and maintenance. It is small enough that we can move it if water does get underneath. There are only a couple inches around the sides, so it will probably happen at some point and I'll have to move it to dry underneath. I really like the ideas provided and will have to try some of that contact foam. It seems similar to what is on the bottom of these all-in-one aquariums. Thanks everyone! 🙂 I'll try to get a picture to share.
  7. I'll look into that. It is a black dresser, so maybe it wouldn't be noticeable. Or maybe I'll just have to claim the aquarium for myself and put it in another location. 😉 😉
  8. That's what I was wondering. The towel would compress around the edges, so water could absorb underneath, just like with the foam that's already on it. However...if the towel was larger than the footprint of the tank...it would also absorb some of the water prior to it getting underneath. That's the idea anyway... I've used small bath towels during water changes to place along the edge as well, and this might be the best method. I just don't like the idea of plexiglass if I can't overhang it as water will most likely seep underneath. Thanks for the feedback! 🙂
  9. I've used a towel in the past and don't remember having any issues with water damage. It's been a long time though and I wonder if anyone else has used them to protect furniture used as a stand? For my two previous aquariums I used plexiglass cut larger than the size of furniture (a nightstand, and an old radio cabinet) and it works fairly well, but I do sometimes spill and water will get under the plexiglass, so I have to carefully lift and dry underneath. The latest 6.8 gallon aquarium will ideally go on a dresser, which cannot be fully covered with plexiglass and there won't be enough extra space to lift plexiglass and dry underneath. The aquarium does have a thin foam sheet on the bottom, but I considered putting a towel underneath in hopes that water dripping during a water change would be absorbed, but not damage the dresser. I ruined a desk years ago when water and the aquarium caused the veneer to come off when I moved it. 😞 I know...a stand dedicated to an aquarium is ideal, but that can't happen in this space. Anyone have experience using a towel or something else? Thanks!
  10. There were still plenty of ricefish on July 2nd, teacup platys, and a hillstream loach! 🙂 These ricefish are awesome looking!
  11. Crossing fingers…heading by today. 🙂 I’m assuming all the rice fish sold, so I won’t be disappointed. Lol Excited to get a hillstream loach too!
  12. Yay! Ricefish! I'm not able to make it to the store until July 2nd so I'm hoping there will be some ricefish left. Sometimes I really wish I lived closer... Need to pick up some other stuff, so I'll be there either way. Always a pleasure checking out the store. Hoping for some more teacup platys too.
  13. Thank you Robert! I keep checking each week for the orange medaka ricefish. Will they appear here if Dean is supplying them? I saw he had some he was raising up in a video last month. Thanks!
  14. It rained last night so I tested the water again. The Aquarium Coop strip shows 1.5ppm. I can't tell for sure, but it looks like the "free chlorine" on the pool testing strip may be showing 1pmm, but it's hard to tell. Odd...I don't think it is possible for there to be chlorine in rain, and usually rain makes chlorine levels drop in a pool, so I do wonder what is going on. I have some baby ricefish in there that seem fine. Plants are doing well too.
  15. I had read that water hyacinth is very useful in these pods to take up nutrients and provide places for eggs and fry, not that it was the lack of plants that caused your issue. There is another post where some of us have found chlorine levels spike, with a potential issue being the material of the container, but I doubt that is the issue. Sorry you lost your fish!
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