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  1. These are great! We have a mix of the old ones and the new nest devices. The new nest ones don't have the ethernet jack on them (the main router one does), but they do have a speaker. I did see the 4 pack of the old ones last night for $200. Found these on clearance at some stores last year and set them up for my grandma too. She can Facetime without issue anywhere in her house now. 🙂
  2. Thanks for sharing the video! I have these on my radar to hopefully get this spring online. Have you kept them with other fish at all? I was reading that they don't seem to spawn well with other fish in the same aquarium, but I though about keeping them with some of the endlers and white clouds as they seem to occupy different levels of the aquarium.
  3. I struggled with guppies from the coop until I added crushed coral, crushed up cuttlefish bone at water changes, and got through a couple generations of babies. Now they do fine, but they didn't seem to like my water. It is quite soft out of the tap, Good luck!
  4. This happened to me with gmail and a custom domain I use which is on a shared server, so I switched to using a google voice text number. However, if you are receiving responses, then suddenly not receiving them, I don't think that's the issue. Text does seem to be a faster option though. I don't sell fish there because selling pets on craigslist is actually prohibited: "pet sales (re-homing with small adoption fee ok), animal parts, stud service" -https://www.craigslist.org/about/prohibited You can charge a re-homing fee, but I don't think this applies to fish really...unless you were moving a whole aquarium maybe. There is a local guy who always has shrimp listed. For selling other items, I found that I needed to first weed out bots (there seem to be a fair number of them), then the flaky people (harder to tell, but sometimes I can sense that they aren't serious enough), then sometimes get close to selling something and they stop...so I wait a day or two and follow up. I still end up with some people who 'forget' we set up a time to meet, show up late, try to bargain with less than I was asking for in their pocket... Overall, it works okay for selling stuff but a local fish store might be a better option.
  5. Oops! Thank you for letting me know. I saw the forum on mobile first and there's a link to the video "Watch our video on the rules of this forum" at the top, which I did watch, but maybe we could get that link set to the Guidelines page instead (which also includes the video)? I have reviewed the guidelines. 🙂
  6. Thank you for explaining. The alternative is to order fish out of state which doesn't help WA businesses but I guess it makes sense to avoid drama over competition. I usually make the drive to Aquarium Coop because I know the extra time and cost worth it. I feel bad for those who don't have this option. 😞
  7. Great to see an official Aquarium Coop forum! I hope to see it grow and become a very useful resource. I'm a fish hobbyist a couple hours drive from Aquarium Coop. I've kept many different types of fish over the years and currently have a small planted nano and am setting up a 20L planted aquarium for shrimp. Such fun! We also have a 30 gallon with some endlers, golden white clouds, hillstream loach, amano shrimp, and lots of plants. Cory, you rock man! Thank you!
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