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  1. Well I will need to find a solution. I have never seen as many eggs as I have this time. There are hundreds of eggs. Each time there are more as the population increases. Possibly I could introduce a fish that will eat the eggs. Even if I find someone to take some now they spawn at an alarming rate. I over filter the tank they are in now so it will be a struggle for fry and this bothers me. I wish there was money it breeding them......
  2. The last school of Corys I had was in a 100G with a couple very large Tin Foil Barbs. I suspect they, the Barbs, kept the population down. I occasionally had to extract adult Corys from a Barbs mouth with forceps. I don't see Corys available in pet stores in my area. I am told this is due to the level of sodium in the local water supply however I do not know this for a fact. Thank you for your insight.
  3. Last year I purchased a couple Bronze Cory and placed them in a quarantine tank for 30 days. by the end of the 2nd week they where breeding and before they where out of quarantine their numbers had significantly increased. I then moved them into my 75 gallon with a school of silver dollars hoping this would stop the breeding or the Silver dollars would keep the population down. The water in the 75 gallon is harder as well. To my dismay the breeding is more active than ever and I woke up this morning to find eggs all over the back and side of the tank. I know have over two dozen Corys and exceeding the tanks capacity. I've had Corys before and did not have this problem. Is there a way I can maintain a healthy environment for them and stop them from breeding???
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