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  1. I would think that this melt is pretty natural since the seller has different parameters than you... Just like the dwarf sag you have, I would give it some time an it will rebound.
  2. Personally, I would go with no since they tend to be a fish that is more shy. A trio (1m, 2f) would most likely work well.
  3. As @Pakal said, nerites can survive up to a month out of water (in the wild, they live in intertidal zones so they are sometimes stuck out of water). I would assume that he is ok.
  4. I was pretty lazy today... Only got done with a water change on my 29g.
  5. I don't think I am the best person to comment on this since I don't use ferts (I have dirted tanks), but I would aim for 20 ppm nitrates, but honestly, I find that most plants (ex: S. Repens, Pearlweed, Crypt Parva) grow fine in my tanks with out ferts.
  6. Do you know when dark mode will be back?
  7. Hi all! I am new to this forum, but not to fish forums in general. You may know we from over at the Fishlore forum, but I decided to also join here to see what it was like. Thanks!
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